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  • "I'm honestly super excited for the future of this character and have so much Id like to share about him"
    Tagxy if I ask really nicely will you be my Pikachu senpai and teach me how to play him from the ground up, since I am somewhat interested in learning him but basically can't play him in this game?
    Don't tell anybody, but Pikachu was actually my first main in 64.
    Also does he do well against Yoshi? >_>
    rip the dream 2015-2015
    lol, sorry im lazy about personal responses and forget. You should join the pikachu skype group.
    How many people are coming with you for WGF?

    I wanna get all the info asap so I can figure out what I'll do with the Tijuana players that would like to stay over.
    Edrees' tournament
    Mike's weekday tournament
    818 Duck Hunt
    Oxnard Summer Tournament
    Zorks Tournament
    Nikes Tournament
    BR ACT 3
    Oxnard 1.2
    Oxnard 1.3
    VGBattles 2
    To Do list:
    -message: Ask for people (more notices, bigger tournaments), update info esp drivers, use smashboards, (help with groups?)
    -featured tournaments explanation, common brawl ruleset socal?
    -Player finder needs more people and info on who is a driver, out of town, TO, inactive etc. Might either remove or make a separate list for inactives.
    -More socal members to group.
    -New Players Guide, Featured Tournaments explanation, Update Disclaimer, Announcements, rulesets, advertisement, more people, more info on people, add more smashfests
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