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  • Haha.
    It's a bit old now, I'd take another picture of myself and apply the ':D', but I've got all pimples and stuff so... Nah. :p
    Oh, nevermind anyway, :p
    I just got avatar and profile pic confused -__-
    I was wondering why you would be laughing at my avy... >.>
    12 frames lol

    now i look again, if you were about 100km off the east coast, we'd be precisely on the opposite sides of the world
    its weird, I see the character discussion group added to n64 but the competitive seciton is not linked to the n64 discussion.
    could you send the rom in either .zip format or just whatever format it comes in?

    ISP is giving me a no u on the roms;send it to my email kthxbai :3
    alright gotta download it and whatnot so prepare your keyboard until then(unless you got your ps3 controller to work)
    haha yay, regardless as to what people think of me i really am doing my best for smash64 :)

    thanks for understanding Kuzi :p ~

    but in all seriousness, thanks for your hard work and for getting the admins to listen to us! Cheers to smash64! :)
    Hey Surri is it ok with you if I made the player contact list a fight arena as well? Or make a battle thread of its own. Basically where peolpe can publicly ask for matches. Someone just made a thread looking for a match and I noticed the 64ers dont really have a place for that. I just wouldnt want it to become another social thread. What do you think?
    I just got my adaptoid, and I'm pretty sure I'm all set to play online, and you're the only one the boards right now sooooo. Want a game? What server? you tell me, i have no idea, jut anxious to play.
    It was both honestly. I can't help but to fix up things that need fixing, that's just the way I am but that doesn't mean I don't like authority. But thats not really the main reason. Mostly just trying to help. I like the 64 board. Its like way different than the other boards. We should try to get more activity goin there. Is there a 64 back room? If not we could get a system going to get knowledgable players into one. Based on the answers in the Q&A it seems like we need an official tier list.
    lol xD
    yeah they pretty much nerfd everyone who was good on melee in brawl. It sucks 'cause falcon is so beastly. =O

    Since I've been playing brawl I suck on both melee and 64 now, like alot... Im better on 64 than melee though. =o. but I still suck lol.

    Oh btw sorry for trying to pick things back up in the 64 section while you were gone. I hope I wasn't too out of place.
    lol nope Brawl and my Wii collect dust, Melee and Smash64 still get played though xD

    I still suck at brawl too...xP
    btw do you still play brawl? I was lookin through the threads in the online discussion and came across one you made a while back about getting better.
    "I agree with everything except directing people away from our section."

    Surri senpai I didn't direct him out of the section luv. :3
    I thought I would let you know I wanted to join the EGX ladder since I think I am the 15th person. I posted my info on the thread.
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