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  • We only played 3 matches Falco vs Falcon, and I won one, while he won 2, and they were close.
    LoZR lost to Tope a while back, and lost 2 of 3 1$ MMs against Tope at the end again. I never saw Tope play Chillin, so I dunno bout that. LoZR lost to Cyrain or Tope to get put into Loser's, then beat Ali, then lost to Chu I think. Chu went on to beat Tope...alot. I'm pretty sure that's right, but Toasty should remember, I'll ask him lol. So confusing.
    I think it goes like this:
    6th-Me and probably someone else

    The thing is, he gets Brawlish then...arrggh I'll explain it next time I promise.

    The only ROB I played was Toasty's and he has friendlies vs me recorded. I'm such a douche in some of them lol.

    Lololololol no comment.

    Aight I will. Jim will be tough to teach, but ima do my best(only cuz he doesn't wanna learn though, he's smart enough).
    I didn't play against Ali in Melee in tournament, but when I played him in friendlies, I beat his Marth 4 times in a row, and his Falcon beat mine 2-1. I need to learn to get inside of defenses better, and I'll be unstoppable. Actually, Chillin placed somewhere right above me I think cuz Ali beat Chillin in Loser's bracket. I don't remember who beat him first though. Tope got second, and he ***** me sooo badly. I had no idea what to do against his Shiek. It was incredible. I played vs Chillin's Fox in Melee in Loser's, and he barely beat me twice(I'm really good at that matchup lol). I'm talking last stock, high percent close. Sucks...

    I have no idea if anyone else will see this, but Chillin's Brawl Falco is very...Brawlish if ya know what I mean. I'll elabnext time I see ya. I BARELY lost, Toasty has the vids, so you can judge for yourself, and get this: Chu said that Ali had the best Snake he had ever seen, and Ali never researches, never watches videos!!!! Imagine if he did...

    It sucks fo sho, but did I threaten to kill them??? Toasty has those vids too, so you can see where we went wrong I guess.

    Lol at closing statements. Aight then that's cool. You suck cuz Malk saw that thing bout wrong way down one-way street and wouldn't let me forget about it. If I am in this "crew" like thing, then I'm gonna help you dudes get better so that we're actually a force to be reckoned with.
    Status report #1!

    5th in Melee singles, I think tied for last in teams(or 7th lol which sounds nicer), 4th in Brawl singles(lost to Chillin's Falco which was...I'll explain later on I guess, and Ali's Snake. Matches vs Ali will be up sometime on Toasty's youtube account, curiousenver), and second in Brawl teams(we beat Chu and Chillin 2-1 first set in winner's bracket, then lost 6 straight matches in Grand finals lol. Pretty embarrassing stuff.

    Now I'm not a Kid anymore after next month cuz I'll be 18, so enjoy it while it lasts bro.
    hey, you have a great peach. praxis just gets overly critical sometimes... Looking forward to seeing you around the peach boards.
    Lol are you guys really gonna try to be competitive at that game? I don't mind, but I think that you guys can go far in Brawl/Melee with practice(even if one of you hates one game...).
    Lol I love it when you guys do that by the way. Makes for an interesting car ride. If I don't wreck with that going on, I think I'm a great driver now lol.
    Ohh gosh, then I guess I'll just have to not give you my MvC2 game then! Awwwwwwwww!!! What have you guys been doing lately besides sleeping and cussing eachother out?
    Good job over at STYKs man. Glad to have ya. I guess I can stomach being an honorary Kid...for now.
    Hey man, you need to get your butt over to the STYKs thread and start trashtalking or something. This is assuming you still want me to take you!
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