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  • Yeah, I wasn't really enjoying it on the first couple of listens but now I'm really liking it. Great song.

    And yeah lol, I got really random while playing Audiosurf and decided to play a bunch of A*Teens stuff and was like "Damn, I forgot how good this music was" and now I'm listening to them again for the first time in a long time, haha.
    Yay I Love You and Stop Standing There debuts! The Other Side's a good one, too. Liking Last Friday Night's climb, too.
    Xiivi got me doing this. Here's my first chart!

    Haha yup, found a better version of dirty dancer, much better. Also BLBC is hella catchy, very good. Found a version with Wiz Khalifa too, think I'ma use that one. Awesome :)
    Mmm loving all this new stuff, definitely need to refresh my playlist seeing as I got some songs that have become boring at the bottom. :D
    Hah, Enrique is back to snatch #1!
    Good 4 weeks for The Cataracs
    Glad to see LFN rising, it's good
    Good debuts and chart :)
    Oh really? Same here! Going to see him in Cleveland and Columbus. He's so awesome live.

    For me, his best live song is "Til Summer Comes Around" just because of that incredible guitar outro he does.
    Plus have you seen Steel? Now that's a guy I'd listen to Avril Lavigne for.
    gez steel this is a family site gosh
    That's really awesome!! I kinda want to see her live now. It's funny because I was never much of an Avril fan before, but this album just reeled me in. I'm already going to two Keith Urban concerts this summer, but I'll have to look up her tour dates as well. :3
    Ah, okay. That doesn't sound too bad.

    So you met Avril? How was she? Pretty chill?
    Yeah, "Smile" is really good! I wonder how it will be censored for radio, though. "You know that I'm a crazy....snitch?". Lol
    So I got Avril Lavigne's "Goodbye Lullaby" album. I think now I'm understanding why you're such a big fan of hers. There's really not a single song on the album I don't like.

    It's soooo good!
    Yeah, it's good artwork, just caught me off guard when I first saw it, haha.

    And totally, Still is one of my favorite songs by him. I'm still not entirely sure why it fell off my chart in the first place, actually. One of the many unsolved mysteries of my music ADD I suppose, haha.
    I did :p He's making bank if he can rent out a whole hotel
    Na it's old, new to me though :bee:
    Judas is getting old quick, lol. Tends to happen with most of Gaga for me.
    Haha nice cover for Smile, I am using the same one now :p- btw big rise too, gonna take #1?
    Excellent top 10, but looks like No Sleep is falling :p
    LFN and GME are really good, listening to them a bunch atm
    Good chart :bee:
    Loving Smile and Last Friday Night in the top ten. Not gonna lie though, the official single artwork for Smile made me lol.
    Enrique's finallly out of top ten.

    Still lol he's been on your chart for close to half a year. <3
    Group of girls: "Omg The Ready Set in our hotel! Can you have sex with all of us right now?!"
    The Ready Set: "Ye--"
    Manager: "No sorry The Ready Set is very busy and needs to leave right now to take a flight."
    Girls: "Nooo!"
    The Ready Set: "No worries." *pulls out iPhone and using an app that pauses time* "Okay ladies, let's fool around in this hotel."

    music video in a nutshell
    Your chart has been fun, been song browsing and such and gotten some good ****. Backseat, Pitbull, and Last Friday Night all good ;D
    top of the flops for 3 weeks now huh?

    come on IWG or WITS knock that thing off! hopefully it's not NS that does though :(

    Where Dem Smashes At?

    in David Guetta's CD

    Iridescent fun fun ;D
    Smile going for #1?

    Last Friday Night's a good song too, hope to see it rise up!
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