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    This week now marks the 13th consecutive week where the #1 song was not a single-week #1. That breaks the record. There were two other periods where it was 12 weeks straight where the #1 song was always a song that was a multi-week #1. The record will likely continue to stretch another week or two as Some Nights isn't likely to come off yet.
    But at the same time; it's not like it went No 1 and then plummeted. It stayed there for 6 weeks due to large sales and airplay which is quite the task considering airplay actually needs to keep growing (which it did) and sales stayed very strong for more than just one or two weeks. :p

    Colorado is only good with food and such.
    You're using really bad examples. Use an example that actually works (like Beautiful Liar).

    Yeah you and your Colorado native bands.

    She's aiming for a summer release.
    WRESTLING IS A TOUGH BUSINESS BROTHER[COLLAPSE="[img]lolololololololololololoolblankpost[/img]"][/COLLAPSE]
    I mean they only got 1 hit per album in the US.

    They didn't go with a good single order in either scenario though.
    Don't stop, make it pop
    DJ, blow my speakers up
    Tonight, I'mma fight
    'Til we see the sunlight
    Tick tock on the clock
    But the party don't stop, no

    #KeshaSucks #GetMadXiivi #ListenToGoodMusicPlz
    because I found out that skipping Streets of Gold was a huge mistake and that it really is good
    YEAAA! Alright, I knew ya would~
    I'll be honest, ya ain't missing much on the book. Its basically the same stuff on the site, only more bookish. :V Really only get it if ya wanna support continued douch baggery for this guy. =w=

    Hmmm hooooow bout "I hope they serve beer in hell" ,:3
    Yooo spelty~ =w=
    Ya ever hear of a book called "The internet is a playground?" Its a book of various irl stories about this dude who realized what a joke the internet is and just ****s with people all day online. :V

    Figured you'd might like it~ Honestly, I get the same sensation of reading the book when I read your post. =w=
    one day you will find the perfect kitchen for you :(

    I hope it's mine, I'd like having a slave maid
    Um, Troublemaker came out in August of last year. I just started listening to it now since it's going to be his next U.S. single.

    Part of Me was released on February 13th. It debuted on my 2/18 chart which represents what I listened to from 2/12 to 2/18.
    iDunno, are you Bryce formally Brycette?

    If so, you getting a sex change means our marriage is null and void in both of our states, meaning you have to go back to Greece.
    Not true! I am married to a woman from Greece in order to allow her to become a U.S. citizen after 5 years of marriage.
    Giving wrong impressions is fun.

    Although it's really sad to get one when you know the other person's relationship status. :rosalina:
    Plenty of them; but they are kind of dumb, so not even worth trolling you with them. :ibwc:
    We could chillax while having brunch and watching advertainment at the cineplex and vlog about it later. Hopefully no one has a gaydar or they might mistake it for a date. :troll:
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