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  • 4 is considered the worst possible, nto 3.

    just go ask around the character boards, a huge margin of em will tell you that MKs underrate the matchup, and honestly, that chart was made in Feb, most everyone agrees now that quite a few of those matchups have tipped more in MK's favor since then. Nearly every pit main alive will tell you that matchup is a -3 for pit, not -2
    most other players just agreed to it cuz the mk players were hell bent on saying it was so, the other people just got sick of it, MK players tried to over exaggerate his weaknesses/the opponents characters strengths to make matchups not seem as lopsided as they were.

    most players all agree now anyway that even then those matchups that weren't that bad before have slowly gotten that bad, you act as if the MK players haven't learned how to play gayer/get around the few things the opponents character had.
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