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    What's up guy. We went to Burger King at Rawfuls together in...whatever month that was.
    Do you still run the lucario+ stuff? I'm wondering if you have access to vlucario's frame data, since atm I'm unsure of the numbers I got were entirely correct.
    Hey are you still running the Lucario+ thread because I really think we should try to advance Lucario in B+.
    I'll be using the nightly builds code. its different so just bring your SD card and I will change it at rawfulz
    -air dodge the explosion- Is that all you got, son?!

    -lands on top of you- NYAHHH


    I win. >>
    my bad my bad my bad. Not wilmington, Goldsboro

    You were the ICs who played that Falcon, and you chainthrowed their last stock and I went "YEA!!!!"
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