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  • WOO! yea thats what janna does best haha. we should league sometime, my name is Latias Lulu, add me! <3
    It's nice to see appreciation for this beautiful planet we live on <3


    Btw, what happened to your avi Red? :happysheep:
    For free Antivirus, I would recommended either avast! or AVG. I have used both programs (on different computers) for quite a while, and feel that they do a great job.

    For spyware, use Spybot: Search and Destroy.
    Hi Red :3

    I dunno, I'm trying to find a good spanish guitar
    artist, but so far I know none.

    Do you happen to know of any Honerable Savvy~san?
    Ah, well nevermind. I won't be using anything with move-set changes anyways. (I thought maybe I'd get a certain character for my bro, with move-set changes, but the files didn't have a move-set change, so yeah.)
    Uuh, on Riivolution, do you know how to get an option to turn a setting off? (I have the option to enable/disable "file code replace" (I think that's what it's called), but if I do that, it turns off all of my textures. I want to know if I am able to get the setting to turn off just one specific texture.
    I think I noticed 01...is not the second color that you get when you change colors, when I looked at a guide. It had a spoiler for what number it is for each color... red was like the 3rd color, BUT I had it as 01. (I think)

    Yeah, I figured that Jigglypuff one was just broken, so I won't worry about it. I got rid of it, and I got a different one.

    And yeah, I did know naming the file EXACTLY as their names, like purin for Jigglypuff, etc, was the problem. It turns out it was, all of them are working now! :3
    I noticed that my character textures, the ones that don't have the file named exactly (like purin for jigglypuff, I put jigglypuff as the file name) didn't work. I did captainfalcon as a file name too. I'm testing this now, naming Jigglypuff's file purin, and falcon file captain. :I

    Edit: When I use Jigglypuff (A captain falcon hat), her ears are a like half-way cut off, but no hat. ;-; I wish I knew the source of these problems, I did everything right.

    I set a kirby one to 01, and it went to 04.
    Oh yeah. It is. I figured that out. Also, I got my character textures to work. I had to make a multiple files (for each character) in the "fighter" file.
    It is named fighter. o_o

    And are you asking what I named the Smashville texture? STGVILLAGE_00.PAC And actually while using it on Wi-Fi, it wasn't the night-time version. It was the morning. I just don't understand why I am not getting my texture.
    Tbh, thats not an easy question to answer.

    If it's something you really have a passion for, then certainly. Look into it.
    But, if at all possible, try to devise a good plan where you have a reliable fall-back.
    It's useful in many ways because, even if you succeed, things might not take off right away, and that safety net is useful.

    Also, if things go badly, you still have a reliable source of income so you can always regroup and try again.

    My Dad and I actually discuss this a lot. He's a strong advocator of following your dreams. Lol, he has this saying: " If you love what you do, and enjoy your work-- you'll never have to work another day in your life"

    ...or something like that.


    Anyways, go for it man! You're much more likely to succeed in a career you love.
    I'm not sure if you're still in school or not, but I'm sure your Guidance counslers will be happy to help and give advice.

    Oh, and don't be afraid to fail!
    Ok, my character textures don't work. Also, my Smashville texture, it always goes to night-time smashville. (I chose Daigo Village final version)

    As for my character textures, I don't know why any of them didn't work. I have: FitMarth00.pcs, FitMarth.pac (For the "cruelty slash"), FitPit05.pcs, FitPit05.pac (I don't know why, but must be same as cruelty slash), Fittoonlink00.pcs, and FitWolf00.pcs

    So, any suggestions to why they didn't work? They're in the "fighters" file. If you don't know, I guess I'll deal with it.

    The one I most certainly don't understand is the smashville one. That was an epic looking stage too.
    Ok. My Toon Link texture started at 06, I put it at 00. From what you said, I guess it's fine. :D I'll just have to test it when the TV is free.
    By the way, do the 00's at the end really matter? I just assume it's for the slot when you change your character color. (Like 00 is marths default color, and 01 is his second color slot?) Or am I wrong?

    By the way, some things I downloaded as a .zip, I opened, and I only took the .pac. There was a lot of other stuff, which might've been needed? But I wouldn't know what to do with them.
    Alright. So I downloaded a marth texture. The file is already named "FitMarth00.pcs", so I am going to assume it will work by already by its name.

    The texture can also come with an animation texture. I haven't tried downloading that yet. Do you know where I would put THAT file? To find what I am talking about, go to Brawl Vault, marth textures, and in "newly added", the 3rd and 4th. The "Cruelty Marth Slash" is the one I am talking about though. How will I manage to add that? If you don't know, I'll just forget about it and deal without having it. :D
    ...Apparently something I forgot to pack :ohwell:

    Okay, new plan!
    Uhm... for now, forget everything I've just told you :D
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