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  • Holy ****, your avi gave me a rediculous ear to ear grin!!

    If I find m old Headphones Lucario avi can you do the same for me~?

    Hey,btw, if ya play Soul Calibur you should hit me up sometime. I don't just main Aeon. My damperriors a beastly troll. <3
    Okay, no more excuses.
    Xiroey the Ex-furry artist is dusting off his pencil :laugh:

    Red, would you mind if I come to you for critique? :3
    I'm totally turning back into a Xiivi tomorrow btw xD

    -He didn't log on today, so I couldn't troll him with it :<-
    Haha, I won't steal him from you Red. <3

    I will, and always will be a Charizard/Bui-Floatzel fan ;)
    Speaking of which, I have a message for you.

    From my people to yours.

    Rawr :006:
    Hey, if you don't mind if I ask~

    Whats role is it that normally play on LoL? :cheep:

    ...sorry you don't have to answer.
    Was just curious.
    Awesome n stuffz.

    Well... sorta stressed about somethings.
    I'm worried that I might not be able to pay for college in the future, but things will work themselves out somehow I'm sure.

    Finally found a new permanent-avi btw! ^^


    How about you? :3
    Odd looks?
    But duude~ :<

    Then I could literally give you "bear hugs". <3
    Do you know how awesome that would be? :)

    Have actually dreampt of hugging a bear before. I was a kid then, but it was amazing! ^^
    Ahh... If only gene splicing were real in this day and age eh' :006:

    -Would totally splice as an eagle-
    ...uhm or a shark.

    Sharks are adorable <3

    ...don't judge me :<
    Pssh, thats nutin~

    You have the fluffiest wall in all of SWF <3

    The "being special" part was totally true though :3
    All this negative talk about yourself.

    It's obvious that you're becoming hug deprived. :bee:

    *hugs* <3

    Btw, Rawr :006:
    Nice. My kindle is bull****, it's black and white wet newspaper quality LOL. So I don't use it anymore.
    I 1 v 1'd Zephi when he tried Zed last night as Leona. Gotta say, I counter him pretty well at early levels and mid game we were even but once he hit late game and got all his items (with me having the best items I could get to survive each fight) I couldn't beat him. We did our final bout with no health relics. It was intense.

    Also he won 2 out of the 3 games he played top as Zed. He couldn't beat Lee Sin because Lee's energy production rate is better in the fight, and can let him survive Zed's burst. I had to gank at least three times as Jungle Twitch and still couldn't keep Lee down or from killing me or him at least two of those ganks :(

    Anyways I'm sorry to hear about your dad, hope it recovers quickly. Maybe you'll be home soon. :)
    So like. I'm stuck here. Until Midnight. AGAIN.

    You better play with us some tonight. Zed is crazzzzyyyyyy.
    Professional gamer huh?

    Hehe, that ain't nothing to be embarrassed about. Why do ya think I still play this game competitively. To make money doing something so chill. <3 I think it'd be alot of peoples dream job.
    I thought so too.

    I found the full pic though :L
    I can never look at it the same way again.
    It's all right lol.

    My brain is still 10 miles away still trying to process what just went on haha.


    Tbh, I was actually thinking of making this a permanent avi...
    Ahh, I see what you mean.

    Nah, you're not troubling me lol.
    I mean, ya'd have to deliberately go and spam random images on my wall and...

    Lets just say, I'm not an easy person to trouble haha~


    I'm sure you'll make the right decision.
    Whatever you choose to do with your life, I wish the best for ya.

    I guess... Just do whatever makes you happiest.
    Sorry, fail response I know.

    Don't worry so much Savvy~san.
    You've got a long life ahead of you. I'm sure you'll be able to tackle anything you put your mind to.

    Well... minus like, spontaneously combusting the entire universe, but You get the point <3
    Yeah, I know how you feel.
    The future scares me too haha :<

    College really, it's all about managing your time well.
    It can be a blast if you're willing to meet people with similar interests and interact.

    Don't get me wrong, it's a lot of work...
    But the benefits...


    I've come to love college tbh.
    I miss my family to death, but we talk to eachother alot, so it's like were not really that much apart. Ya know?


    Is this what you meant when you asked if you should pursue a dream of yours or stay stable? Like, what is it about college that troubles you? The workload, or the cost?

    You should be able to knock the cost down substantially if you search around for scholarships to help cover it. Also, if your grades were good in school, ect. they might provide you with an institutional scholarship as well.

    Basically, you could end up only paying for books.

    But it's up to you really. College isn't for everyone. It's totally possible to be successful without it. Hellz, one of my best friends knows a mate who opened his own business and like... The dude's loaded. No joke <3


    Btw, your role in LoL. Is there something permanent stopping you from performing it?

    ... Sorry, I wrote a book :/
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