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    I moderate all the time :mad:

    And no I definitely do not plan on changing ribbon colors LOL
    Yup, thanks! It's hard to make a good avy with characters that have a ponytail. 100 x 100 sized images just aren't big enough lol.
    ****, I didn't really think about that, but it all makes sense.

    For EC tourneys, there are bi-weeklys (there's one tmrw, with possible livestream again). The first bi-weekly was 2 weeks ago. The turnout had about 30 people.

    Our last big one was at the end january where eric came and took 3rd. There are supposed to be 1 or 2 big ones sometime this summer, but I dunno when yet. I'll definitely let you know.
    The next time I flipped out was ROM2 (more than a year later from TGMTSBCO), I threw a chair when I lost to Vanz (because I didn't know mute city was legal at that tourney) lol. After I did that, I told myself "I'm never doing that again". I was really disgusted with myself for doing that, so I was determined to make the change. I even stopped johning as much back then, because I was annoyed with myself complaining. Just being determined enough helps.

    Anyways, at least you're going to ROM3. I gotta find a ride for that still. If worse comes to worst, I'll just take the bus there.

    We may be going to Catacalysm 5. We haven't confirmed though. I think it's in October?
    Thanks. I agree. A lot of times I want to just rush in and I forget to CC stuff. Her tech chasing on spacies is pretty easy though, but I think I play her too aggressively though.

    For mindset in tourneys, it's hard to keep from getting nervous. When I played vs Hax at pound 4, I got so nervous when the crowd started to gather. I dunno why either. That was the only time I have ever actually gotten nervous during a tourney match in the past 2 years. even when playing against M2K in tourney/MMs, I have never gotten nervous Also, at some of the older tourneys, I had a pretty bad temper sometimes. But over time, I think I grew out of it. For example, at TGMTSBCO (the greatest melee tourney since brawl came out) in june 2008, I almost punched HBox after our bracket match, because he was stalling the ledge in our matches.
    oh no, fox is my main. I used to main mario/doc from 2005 - 2008, and had fox as a secondary. Then I decided to main him during pound 3 in 2008, so I've stuck with him. I decided to secondary falco for certain levels and/or for a few matchups. I just started playing sheik about a month ago, but I haven't used her in tourney vs good players yet.

    For confidence issues, I was actually talking with IB 2 days ago about how he has a lot of confidence issues as well. He chokes a lot in tourneys and plays like a completely different person. He says it's because he thinks of a lot of other things that doesn't relate to what he's doing in the match as much (for example: "If I lose to X player, then it'll be really embarrassing". Or "There's no way I can beat this guy"). Maybe you're going through the same thing?

    But yeah, for traveling, I'll let you know when we're going to something. Are you going to APEX btw?
    naw, he's my secondary. I'm also picking up sheik.

    Eric and Manuel have been telling me about how you've been improving a lot.

    I also saw some of your matches from BCPM. Looking good.
    They're bed bugs though =(

    I don't want people to leave with them =(.

    It might be okay since we do a bunch of stuff to like get rid of them and stuff. And last time my friends came over none of them really complained. I'll do whatever I have to for me to be able to house you guys though! =D

    Yea, I don't mind housing you at all. You might want to keep some type of option available though. I only say that cuz I have bugs in my place >____>.

    It doesn't seem that bad if you sleep on the floor but yea... we'll see D=
    Can I take that as you're going to RoM? =3

    And yea if you're there we'll play a ton and talk about how everything the anime thread watches is adorable.
    LMAO well I guess thats true >_< but red means I can give you infractions :mad:

    Also LOL falco is mean, he soooo deserved it imo =D
    If I ban Inui would it help?.....

    Ok I won't ban Inui for no reason D=

    I'd pick a Hina avy but I can't find one that I really like for some reason >_<
    The few times I made mine, I just grab a scanned pic from somewhere and just crop out the portion I'd like. Then just resize it with like photobucket or something like that.

    These though are pre-made haha.

    Gaaaaaah HnG avatars are awesome >_<
    Yeah, check the contact info tab in my profile. And wow, it's been like a year and you remember my name? That's crazy.
    i'm not sure tbh

    i only know of good **** german which is going to be in the end of july in norcal
    yeah, my area code is 949/irvine which include zhu, macd, kira, and connor.
    pm queen killjoy and ask her for your name change with the pm title saying "premium"

    also make sure the name wasn't taken beforehand
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