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Recent content by SilverRose_Zero

  1. SilverRose_Zero

    Legacy XP Online Matches! (Wiimmfi)

    Dang, I'm now seeing these messages. I'm replying cause you guys were down to play in July, but I was doing other stuff. I have Lite and Full, and you guys should check out Project+. But anyways I'm down to play if I got the time
  2. SilverRose_Zero

    Can I play PM from a card larger than 2gb??

    I played on a 8gb SDHC card. you have to do it through homebrew though.
  3. SilverRose_Zero

    Is anyone on Legacy XP???

    I'm online. In the basic versus. Feel free to join
  4. SilverRose_Zero

    Legacy XP Online Matches! (Wiimmfi)

    My FC is: 1638-0906-6067
  5. SilverRose_Zero

    Legacy XP Online Matches! (Wiimmfi)

    I'll play today. Just gotta get my FC
  6. SilverRose_Zero

    Is Project M still going strong?

    Yes sirthose are the required steps for playing Project M. But they have other mods too, like Legacy XP & Legacy TE. Those are like PM as well, but XP has more characters.
  7. SilverRose_Zero

    Smash Bros. Legacy XP help - hackless Wii method - followed guide, just boots to Wii Menu, not to game

    I'll help you out. I'd rather use the computer instead lol
  8. SilverRose_Zero

    Project M wont load for me

    What version of PM do you have???
  9. SilverRose_Zero

    Help (Installation of Legacy XP 2.0)

    You have to use a 32gb. I think you can do USB. You'd have to use homebrew. They have tutorials on YouTube
  10. SilverRose_Zero

    Legacy XP 2.0 and the missing RSBEXP.gct file

    Did you download it from brawl vault???
  11. SilverRose_Zero

    Is Project M still going strong?

    I watched a video about that on YouTube. I forgot his name but somebody on Twitter was doing test runs for wavedash and stuff for ultimate. It would be interesting, but I'm just stuck on PM(for brawl).
  12. SilverRose_Zero

    Is Project M still going strong?

    Yes. It is still going strong. You remind me of myself lol I wondered the same thing after I played one of there older versions. You can go on YouTube and see popular trends: SSBMontreal, Project M Nexus, Clash Tournaments. PM 3.6 is still popular
  13. SilverRose_Zero

    Announcement from the Legacy Team

    Yeah it still does. I just liked the new forward dash and down smash
  14. SilverRose_Zero

    Announcement from the Legacy Team

    Well Dang. I had it on my sd card for quite a while. But now when I play it, he does regular Mario's moveset. Well, thanks for telling me though lol
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