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  • yeah I know all about the IC grabs
    I've been ***** by their alternating throws and KOed by them :/
    Dude, Peach's fair is the weird est move I ever seen!
    Its like the range is deceiving or something and it kills 0_o.
    but yeah I try and do DH dairs instead.
    I hate getting grabbed! :(
    lol thanks however she still needs work.
    I believe there's more I could actually do as Peach, attack wise.
    If I can she'll be right with my Falco <3
    Yo, Marthage I got interested in peach all of the sudden.
    I'd like to see how far peach and I can go!
    So how was sweet red Peach? :)
    honestly i dont do much homework or study but i always pass my test with flying colors.im just naturally smart i guess.
    cool u should post there more share some ideas.u may not b a leader but ur opinion does matter.or can just chat with the other clan members.
    I thought deleting messages would make them go away.... man l was wrong

    BTW: This was a self profile post to explain why there are a bunch of "This message was deleted by marthage Reason: making space" messages
    Thanks, if done right, and on certain characters, the charge combo
    is good I think, but ya your right, I couldn`t seem to land it on you.
    Thanks for the advice, cya later :)
    Yes you are, if I may suggest a combo to you. (That won't get you countered) when you throw the gale boomerang, DO NOT charge at the foe (that's what gets you countered...) Instead put on pressure with an arrow or two and go for the grab...

    sorry foof, it wasn't wifi this time, my bro swiped my computer (using internet) My mom was on her laptop and my stepdad was on the desktop (using internet) The irony of it is that not too long after you left my mom went to take her bath, my stepdad started playing guitar and my bro went off with some friends, I apologize for the inconvinence, the lag may be better tomorrow before my parents get home because I'll be the only one there. (bro staying at friends tonight)
    Sorry, someone unplugged the internet cord >.<
    Anyway, good games. Sorry for killing myself in one
    game, I just couldn`t stand being beaten up and
    countered anymore lol.
    If you do decide to get one, beware the difficulty level, FE is a legend because of it.
    Sorry, I was gone all day yesterday at my grandma's...., but I got Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon! Yeah me! Anyway, do any of you want to brawl today? I'll have a room open if you like, just join in and have a blast!
    hey marthage, if u ever want a match, feel free to stop by my visitor board and challenge me. i want all the practice i can get :)
    Ah, but items are what make that "I'm going to own you moment" into a "I just got owned outta nowhere moment." Or is the whole "the Ice Climbers get two items with which the mega own everybody with." Kidding, I'll probably have them all turned off tomorrow, and the day after I'll have all explosives! Good night to you.
    so much lag, u would think once it gets later, the lag would go away, not intensify lol. lets play again tomorrow :) and for christs sake turn off ur items! lol peace man.
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