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Scarlet Jile
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  • Are you going to enter Smash 4 doubles at MCG #5?
    Scarlet Jile
    Scarlet Jile
    It'll depend on whether the singles and doubles events are back-to-back. I won't be staying for Melee or PM.
    Hey dude, idk if you saw it but I gave you another post in Video thread. Feel free to split up the videos. :)
    I mean make a section of videos from the "yoshi back room". And i know it would take a lot of work, but i think you should go by characters like


    Link 1 241 (yoshi) vs 193819 (snake)
    Link 2


    Link 1 Blah blah (yoshi) Vs blah (sonic)
    link 2
    link 3

    instead of by the players.
    Sry, but I wasn't gonna keep a vid that I find good and inventive that other yoshi players want to bash on (the vid was by karamity btw). It really pissed me off to see all of them do that.
    Yoshididdy, if I was to separate the good videos from the bad ones (and yes, there are no shortage of bad ones), then that would require making subjective value judgments which could potentially offend a lot of people.

    I understand that we want to represent Yoshi as a viable character, but alienating people who are new to the forums or are still learning isn't the best way to do so.

    People will recognize good videos when they see them, and learn to look for certain names on their own. Furthermore, if the Yoshi community took more initiative with the "hall of fame", we could essentially do what you are suggesting via a majority vote.
    Ok. There are a lot of mediocre vids of yoshi in the video thread (like mine). i think you should either label them YBR (for yoshi back room) so that it could help the mediocre yoshi's with matchups or make a new thread and make your current thread a critique thread.
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