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  • He wasn't wrong, there was no way his tapper could know Chrom was a fighter through just seeing him. And he didn't even say Shulk would get revealed in the trailer anyway.
    So I guess the leaker just dropped off the face of the planet? No explanation for why he was wrong?
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    I'm no expert, but I feel like that he will make the biggest leak in the game soon. If I were to make a prediction as to when that happens(Not to say that I can see the future or anything), I would think that it will happen at some point between now and Oct. 3rd, because by then, the 3ds version will be released to the public market. Not only that, within a few days, all the hidden characters will be found.
    Hey um... like idc about what newcomers are in or not but like next time u get in touch with ur source... can u please ask him or her... if Snake is back? PLEASE!
    Hey Sal, what's your opinion on the Chorus Kids? Do you like them?

    I personally adore the idea, and I thank you and your tipper for opening my eyes and even getting me back into Rhythm Heaven.
    On occasion I wish the leak never happened; it spoiled quite a lot of cool surprises.
    But hey, it made me pumped for a character that I wasn't expecting in the slightest.
    Wow, you've become quite the celebrity. I don't blame you for lying low around here, with all the backlash.

    If you'll let me, can I ask a question? I'll be respectful, promise.

    So whether your source didn't know about her or just didn't say anything about her, there was nothing about Rosalina before her reveal? In this case, do you think there could still be other newcomers that your source hasn't mentioned?
    Hey if you ever come back on can you respond to something for us in the rumor discussion thread please?
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