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    The Worst Customs for Each Character

    The Mii Brawler Side-B that has the awful spike hitbox and it's only real use is to snap to ledge.
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    Opinions on having a Melee Tournament in Northern KY

    I would think decent payouts will attract players, but as a first time TO, I would keep it small at first. I say this because then you can get used to TOing tournaments and then work up to larger tournaments, payouts, etc. If I would be able to make it out, I would try and come down. I'm trash...
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    What is one low tier character...

    I have to go with Little Mac. I live close to a few Little Macs and the way they play is... interesting to say the least.
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    Fighting Game Notes: App in development (Catchy name needed) -- Community Feedback Thread

    I gotta say, I really like this. It'll help me out quite a bit by organizing notes better, especially so in specific matchups.
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    The most common misconceptions about your mains.

    I would say the most common misconception about my main (all miis) is that all I do is sandbag and never take anything seriously. I wanna win and everything, just with miis.
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    Bullying in Competitive Smash

    Now in my local smash community, everyone is quite welcoming and won't shame one another for doing certain things or playing certain characters. That's not to say bullying, or however you like to put it doesn't exist in my local community possibly and I just haven't seen it, but everything has...
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    What's the Best Major for New Players?

    I would personally start smaller than a major, unless you want to play friendlies and spectate matches. I would start out with some locals. Try to find some weeklies or monthlies near where you live. It is great practice and I'm sure you can learn a thing or two about how tournaments work and...
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    Meta Swordfighter Matchups. Zero Suit Samus

    Luigi tends to struggle against range in general. Swords are more of a problem than projectiles for the green guy, I think. I do use the reflector most of the time because it can be used as a surprise tool against say... a Samus or Wii Fit. Or another character that has a powerful projectile...
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    SSB64, Melee, PM & Wii U Indiana Smashers

    I myself personally enjoy any smash game, but 4 and PM are what I prefer.
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    "Witness the fearsome power of the Red Dragoon!"

    "Witness the fearsome power of the Red Dragoon!"
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    So what MUs would 2122 small brawler actually lose?

    I would say marth also has good mobility, but no where near the same as brawler. The dthrow to helicopter kick combo also doesn't seem to work as long on marth, most likely due to him being floatly. But I still see it as a slightly disadvantageous for brawler because getting in might be a...
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    So what MUs would 2122 small brawler actually lose?

    It's a interesting question. As a person who plays small mii brawler 2122 where ever it's legal, a lot of people have trouble vs him. I don't know if this is because of matchup inexperience. But I do find that the players who use characters that have respectable range do better. Now I don't know...
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    Meta Swordfighter Matchups. Zero Suit Samus

    Playing vs a Luigi is quite a strange matchup indeed (at least when I've played luigis). I would call it even for default because luigi has a difficult time landing and swordfighter's aerials are certainly capable of edgeguarding or slight juggling. But if you get trapped in a luigi string...
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