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  • My mom doesn't trust ANYONE but Allan, Razer, and, if possible, Esca.

    Dont even try it, bud! My mom will come out with a freaking frying pan and start Fsmashing!
    Ya, oh well, I'm just soo glad he isn't in a position of major importance.
    I loved how he screened like 1/2 of the disadvantageous MUs, then went "Oh, Peach is amazing nao".
    lol I'm over it now though, tier list thread breeds some weird people tho, I think one of the only regular "intelligent" posters is adum.
    In what way?
    The fact that I started in the first place?
    The fact that he makes as much sense as trying to eat a horse blanket does?
    Ugh, that kind of bias can't be good for your health :p
    What are your thoughts on the Marth vs. Lucario MU, and why do you think it might possibly be closer than what most think? I'm curious, because I'm sitting on the fence and hearing more about how it's overcomeable. Snake, on the other hand...
    *doesnt love it*

    Dear god! Well I did REALLY good against Fogo. It was last game, last stock, and last hit. I'm starting to think Lu Lu Vs. DDD isnt so bad anymore! Sweet.

    Lol yeah. Gabe, the guy Allan got the hat from, came to me and took it away. He probably then gave it to Seth Seth, who gave it to me! Manwhattha.
    *is annoyed by RT*

    YA *****! I was thinking of using Trebla, but nah. I wanted a 5 letter word for a Brawl tag!
    I dunno...once Xyro goes, I'll probably follow shortly after.
    Can I just say you're going to make my job of making exports loads easier, plus most of the info you put out is really nice on the MU. Keep it up man.
    Thanks so much for returning, the MU thread can has intelligence/solid posting again. (among other good things)
    Wait... I remember you giving up on SWF [Aside from Trela's group I guess]

    I need to ask you a question:
    On the Close Combat stuff, which chars did it work on the most? I was figuring maybe DK, D3 (his horizontal DI/movement stinks), and some others, I imagine chars like spacies didn't work out too well.
    Hey, I'm wanting to start recording my matches at my place. I have a dazzle and all the necessary supplies, but I have horrible software. What do you use?
    Hey, can you post up the vids me and royr did yesterday. And me and flip. (If you have them) I'm trying to study something about my TL.. which is gonna make me the greatest player everr Bwahaha!.. Pleaseee!
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