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    Official Week 10: Smash Short Submissions Thread - DEADLINE: 11/22/15

    * Link: * Play Starts: 0:09 * Play Ends: 0:21 * Tag: RF7 | RooT * Contact: * Region: Wisconsin, USA (OMNI I FINALLY HIT FHE 0-DEATH ARE YOU PROUD OF ME?)
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    RF7 SK92 Signed By Royal Flush!

    Dunno if this was intentional or not, but RF7 is the sponsor tag, and SK92 is the name. I'd know since I am also sponsored by them ;)
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    Nintendo Direct Announced!

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    Let's talk about Pokemon Stadium 2.

    If you have a problem with your TO's then start your own tourneys. Your problem isn't mine. Remember, I said IMO.
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    Lol, I'm switching mains every two seconds. Now a full ZSS Main for Wii U, and I'm not changing...

    Lol, I'm switching mains every two seconds. Now a full ZSS Main for Wii U, and I'm not changing until the next nerf.
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    Let's talk about Pokemon Stadium 2.

    You need to take into conaideration that if you don't have enough time left after the thirty seconds of set up on 5 Player PS2 , it could potentially mess up the game itself and have to restart until you get a perfect setup. IMO, I don't mind the transformations, but some people hate them. Just...
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    Mind Over Meta #39 - Losing

    I lost when my opponent shino stalled me to a timeout. For two minutes.
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    Not In Use

    Cuz I need the practice, duh.
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    Not In Use

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    Introducing: Weekly Top 5 Smash Shorts

    Wait, Alphamew is from Wisconsin? **** ***** I NEED TO MEET HIM!
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    Super Smash Flash 2 Spotlight: Dark Ermac- The Tournament Organizer

    When are we gonna see a SSF2 Major in the USA? That people actually notice?
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    Not In Use

    Ayy lmao guess who. Also, I don't wanna try out until I see results of battles and ****. I'm focussing primarily on Melee and PM now, so Sm4sh isn't really something I am going to be practicing online a lot.
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    Can you Multishine those cuffs, tho?

    Can you Multishine those cuffs, tho?
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    Official [Weekly Top 5 Smash Shorts]: READ HERE TO LEARN HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR VIDEOS

    Ayy lmao senpai moved to Smashboards. Took you long enough.
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    Rivals of Aether (Unofficial) Crew Battle Thread

    Rivals of Aether's alpha version releases to thr public, in an early access form, in less than a day. This version includes all of the current revealed characters, four player battles, AI computers to play against, and a 1v1 matchmaking with friends on Steam. This matchmaking system allows...
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