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  • Im geting it on Friday
    So get ready to get raaaaped :D
    Oh yeah thanks for fixing my controller its gonna make me even more hardcore
    dude can you change my pokemon to pikachu in your tournament so my opponents dont think im cheating when we play? please?
    Hey when do you wanna do our match for your tourney? Spoon and shadow are both online right now.
    If you've already entered the code in your Wii, you can't, short of buying games for other people as 'gifts'
    Dude you were playing air... When you chose MK we were like **** that ****.. then we went outside and played Basketball.
    Ha ha.. Yeah.. dude thats his second time playing brawl.. Hes pretty good on 1v1's but he doesn't shield much LoL
    Rofl.. they dont have lives.. And haha me and Luke OWNT you and then when we got off we got back on and OWNT Travis :D
    I could go steal it and play it .. but my brother's home .. maybe tomorrow. Ill get it back cause I have all A's and **** its just that my dad walks into my room and steals it for no reason .. I almost hung myself last night lol... Thats why when I was playing the **** a palooza diddy match with you i just got kicked cause he turned off my wii...

    Massachusetts is North East. I could prob get an OK Connection with him, I'll try sometime if he wants to =)
    Excel lives far far away, right? :( I wish I could play people like him or Edrees but geography forbids it.

    I'm always down for games, as long as I'm not busy xD The only way to get better is to play a large range of people.
    Well thank you for responding. As you might be able to tell, it seems as though I am not doing as good in Brawl as in Melee. I play Diddy Kong, though. I guess I just need some practice, eh? If I have any questions about getting better in Brawl, I'll ask you, is that ok? :3 Take care.
    I disagree with you about Brawl being competitive, although one can try. Glide Tossing is sort of similar to wave dashing, except it only helps one's spacing, but that is still good. ;3 I'm very sure you are better at Brawl then me. I practice melee nonstop, but am I really playing Brawl right? I have no wii to practice brawl, so meh.

    :3 Sorry for the random visitor message. ^_^
    I'm pretty sure you cannot. That being the case, I do not work for Nintendo, I work in pest control and help to run SWF when I have time. What makes you think I would have any idea about the specifics of Wii points?
    yeah, I thought mine had froze (as it loves to do so often) and then it unfroze just as I hit the power button

    ggs though, nice pit >_>
    GGs i dunno what happened just now but my Wii completely froze up and started making this wierd sound. thats the only reason why i had to get off.
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