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  • Uhh, me bringing up you insinuating zelda doesn't do badly against MK was perfectly fine for me to say.
    Considering I was saying you underrate MK.

    Anyway, sorry the topic went the way it did, and a lot of things I said were lost in context between yourself and splice.

    Me bringing up your length of time in the game / skill was more relating to the 'denial' (whatever you'd like to call it) of MK already damaging Australia. I know you aren't a bad player now, and it isn't exactly hard to be a better player than I am.

    I wish no hard feelings though. MK topics always go down the same way. There's a reason they're banned (generally) on the boards.
    Haha luke flatters me too much. I would love to talk luigi sometime, but I must warn you I've been pretty inactive over summer so I'm a little rusty. What types of things did you have questions about?
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