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Recent content by Ref

  1. Ref

    PSI Magnet Reference Guide

    kk I'll try that whenever i get to play the game again
  2. Ref

    PSI Magnet Reference Guide

    Wait does that mean the second the projectile hits the magnet or when it circles him to start healing ness?
  3. Ref

    PSI Magnet Reference Guide

    Yo when i played, I couldn't jump or roll out of magnet . Did the timing change or something, or did it get removed? Don't own the game at all. Talking about the Wii U version
  4. Ref

    Any practical use for PK Flash?

    Snipe predictable or limited recovery options. Uhh. I only played the game once... on wii u. I don't own it sadly.
  5. Ref

    Fixing Ness and Where to Address Char Concerns?

    Here lemme end this Dair Discussion. In all 3 Games Ness' Dair hit box reaches his outer leg. Except in PM, where The hit box on the Dair is so insanely small that it literally makes the move only good for Short hop on fast falls while inside the opponent, or gimping recoveries. It lacks so...
  6. Ref

    Event - Apex 2015 Apex Lost and Found Thread

    updated front post, has anyone had success getting their stuff back?
  7. Ref

    Event - Apex 2015 Apex Lost and Found Thread

    Updated first post with the items.
  8. Ref

    Event - Apex 2015 Apex Lost and Found Thread

    Gonna edit in the first post the items that are currently lost
  9. Ref

    Event - Apex 2015 Apex Lost and Found Thread

    Ask him to contact me with some details about it I'm gonna see if i can mail it out to AZ after I confirm that it is indeed his.
  10. Ref

    Event - Apex 2015 Apex Lost and Found Thread

    Here we talk and discuss items/objects we found at Apex or around apex that belong to someone else. Or ones that we lost at Apex. I found a Meta Knight Plushie on the way to Apex. If it is yours contact me with some details about it. Currently Lost items Turazrok - "Lost a metal bracelet, made...
  11. Ref


    I signed up for 64 (and paid), but i wasn't placed in a pool... What do i do?
  12. Ref

    wtf u play leagues?

    wtf u play leagues?
  13. Ref

    Comboed On Arrival 4 Results! 72 Entrants | 12/20/13 | Red Bank, NJ

    Had fun, got some things to take care of but i'm gonna try to drastically improve by apex time. I ended up getting home somewhere between 3 and 4am. I was walking down the street that leads to the new jersey transit line. I ended up stopping by a bar not to go inside or drink but because I saw...
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