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    Still need a wild member in your clan? >XD Yes, I'm back and still want to join the group.
    we are getting and getting more people good work also why don't u tell them to join the other clan in all is brawl?
    we are getting and getting more people good work also why dont u tell them to join the other clan in all is brawl?
    hey reaper call down u should be glad that we are getting more and more people to this clan
    hey whats up here is rave925 he is one of the best fighters i ever had. try him. i think u would like him he is also from the clan named east coast is too good.
    hey reaper those were some fun matches, hopefully we'll play again soon. I must improve my skills even more!
    hey cuz i heard you played warp. ill probly be back on monday or tuesday o and are we doing that late night chatting.
    um, ppl from the group say that i should talk to you since i joined the group
    This Zero. My brawl code is 4854 6189 9684 I hope to prove my skills.
    have u tried out warpstatus he has really nice skills and i want u challenge to try him out
    Oh hey, sorry about the delay. I was sure you had already received it. Here you go

    Wii Number: 5708 4420 1982 3193

    Friend Code: 2750-1130-9613

    There you go Reaper.

    P.S. I couldn't send this via PM because for some strange reason, the forums won't recognize I read and replied to your PM. ;)
    I, leader of The Zero Star, wish to join your alliance and to prove the might of my team and my skills to be more than worthy to serve your alliance. -gets down on one knee- I am Zero Star. I wish you will accept my request and to test my mettle. If I am allowed to join, my ctrainee and little bro XY42 Star and my mentor, MUKA Star skills shall be acceptable as well.
    Hey, Solidxgeo said I should join your clan, i'd happily give you a game so you could see if I have enough to be in a clan.

    I would be very grateful for a chance to join :)

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