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R e d X
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  • Sure, but not against MK.

    Bo5, $5, character lock MarthvNess, no GR-Regrab?

    Can do less if you want, doesn't matter too much to me.
    Hey Red, I'm dropping out of the V3 panel, I've lost general interest in it and only wanted to make MK a -1 MU.

    Well good luck to those who make it in and make sure MK becomes a -1 MU, PLEASE!
    Oh that's good! Well if Shaya hosts a major I'll likely be getting that experience. Hopefully by the end of January i'll know a heap more.

    And you're totally right, the only one of those MUs that I had good knowledge on was the Oli MU ha! :D

    Well, good to know I did decently at least, i'll definitely be looking to apply for V4 when it comes around. =)
    Well there were plenty of applicants and even I think players like TB and Mekos deserve my spot haha.

    Out of curiosity, how did you feel about my MU thoughts that I gave? I'll definitely be trying to apply for V4 so if it's good/bad/whatever helps a lot. :D
    Yo just letting you know, forget about my application for the Ness panel. I can't get in on Lucas and it'd feel wrong for me to be on my secondary and not on my main's panels. :)

    Don't worry btw, i'm not annoyed or anything, give the spot to Shaky or someone like that. =)
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