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  • Humm, just trying to figure out why the Apex stream is so far behind the sound :/

    But other than that, waiting for my brother to wake up so we can go for a swim. :p
    Yeah I've been around for a while now.
    It's always nice seeing new blood on the Ness boards.
    I went straight from 64 to Brawl, not even knowing about Melee. Now, I used ness in 64 and told myself that I'd just use Lucas in Brawl until I unlocked Ness, then i'd use him. It didn't take me long to unlock ness and play as him...

    And I HATED him. His PKT2 was reduced in length, he had no scream on his bat, the crowd didn't cheer when he magneted something... in my mind as a casual player, I was going 'what have they DONE to him!?!??"

    So I completely dropped Ness and reasoned that Lucas was more like what I was used to, more like 'the original ness'. I went exclusively Lucas. It was around this time that i finally got around to playing Earthbound, btw.

    I came on to the boards after a match with a kirby main that my brother and i couldn't beat at first but adapted to later on. We wanted to know what won, versatility or specialization. I joined the boards and gradually picked up Ness, very slowly, almost dropping him again a few times, then suddenly found one day that I loved him as a character. he was awesome, 'how could I have not loved him before!?' Ever since then, my usage of ness increased dramatically until he became what i now consider to be either an incredibly close secondary or even a co-main.

    That's how I became interested in Ness. I'm so glad it worked out that way, i'm really happy I use Ness. <3
    D'aww, thanks!

    Do you have AIM? I have a story to tell about Ness but it's easier over IMs :p
    To me, it's about the work you put in. it takes more work to use a low tier than a high one but with enough work and effort, you can achieve the win, no matter who you main, no matter where you're from. :D
    True but there are ways to avoid that and quite a few of their match-ups are flawed. Ness - pit is probably closer to 0 than -1, for instance. Ness - MK should be a -1, Ness - ROB is like a -1 or 0, Lucas - pika i'm sure is not -2 and I think we even looked in to it before, Lucas Wario is -1, not -2, I don't think Lucas ICs is that bad either, etc...

    Anyway, we can avoid grabs and use input to get AR and we can mix up our recoveries, especially Lucas and even ness can save his second jump and recover out far.
    Oh, not much. Thinking about Ness/Lucas placements on the tier list and thinking they should both move up...
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