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  • yeah but the thing is i want to chill with you and the fam then hit the tourney and then go baack to Canada (with you and auntie and everyone going)...
    cause like yeah but the thing is im not the only going to the tourney its gonna be me and you and i know abunch of people from Toronto going so yeah.. but thier taking a smashbus from NYC to San Fransisco picking up smasher across the state so yeah.
    yoyoy you heard about the DBR tourney in the summer right?

    do you think we can both make it?

    like i go down to cali for like 2 or 3 weeks, but during that time period we go to San Fransisco and like hit the tourney.. cause like we do have relatives in san fran. XD get at me.
    yeah i play a lot of football in real life.
    i play halo sometimes but i dont have any new gen systems.
    but right now im applying for a job and stuff.
    so i get money and buy w.e. i want lol
    im gonna try to grab what system you have so we can play online k.
    how come i havent seen you in msn/facebook and such.
    Sots' combo video name:
    "Initiating astonishing gleaming amalgamations with Link."
    well can you reach.
    just you or you and perry or someone who smashes with you.
    i mean like fly here by yourself we'll pick you up in the airport.
    then sleep at my house and we go to my tourney and stuff.
    yo would you come to canada if im hosting a tourney.
    the tourney im hosting should be around february or march
    yes i could shine bair with fox.

    come to toronto this christmas or something it'll be fun and their will be snow. We can go taboggoning with my friends in a huge hill lol.
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