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  • lol fuuuuuuuuuuuck. i didnt think ******* need any other partners so i teammed with Marioblaze (the diddy kong player)cus like l was getting worried everyone was taken lmao. And i even think Alex had an offer to team and he uses GaW so **** so many gayastic choices :(, but if your really good against like my bad matchups which are like most of top tiers LOL, i'll def team with you, cus i dont wanna feel bad and ditch marioblaze and hava to be sure.

    it'll be alot better if we can play dubz online for some practice lol
    GoldenCharizard♀ - Level: 1039

    ShinyCharizard♀ - Level: 2193

    Articuno - Level: 512

    ShinyHoundoom(?) - Level: 1405

    GoldenBreloom♀ - Level: 1474

    Yeah son. >:3
    Well, the short answer is "overworked and somewhat stressed," but I have the day off today, so I feel a little better. :bee:

    How about yourself?
    You there? D: There's less than one hour left. I'm still online in brawl, but I haven't set up a room, so msg me when you get back on so we can get our matches in before the deadline.
    Are you there? The deadline for our matches is in like 4 hours. :o I'll set up and add you right now, and I guess I'll host, so message me back when you're on. My CP is Yoshi's Island (Brawl) and my suggestion for a starter is FD (you don't have to agree to FD, but we both have to agree on the starter stage).
    nah sorry can't man, gotta go to MA for some bull**** church thing. frikken mom is so religious. i was gonna go but im scared of bronx xD
    ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░█ █

    Is Discussion Leader a usergroup, or was it a custom title given to those who are discussion leaders? I was wondering because you are using the yellow name and not pink or blue.

    I hate him with a passion. >_>

    He's the reason I'm picking up Dedede.
    Nope. I use a lot of characters. But my I'm trying keep it to a few. Marth, Zelda/Sheik and ZSS. I wanna try and pick up King Dedede as well. >_>

    I love that game.


    I think it was ToZ, but we should have some friendlies sometime anyway. :]
    Haha i wish i could, my wiis been broken for the last three weeks and im too lazy to send it to Nintedo xD. sorry
    I'm hoping to get some vids up soon. It seems like the only vids that get uploaded are only ones of me getting ***** lolol
    its a facebook app
    . they dont do them for middle names anymore, but the first and last work.
    Lol iunno, I don't even know that much people, I'm not even fully experienced LOL. but i'll try my best to support if you happen to start one though.

    but on the other side, when I saw crews popping up I was gonna try join MonStars since it's in long island that's just other side tho.
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