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  • Yeah, you should. Remember to read the entire post, etc, if you want the stages and ****.

    Couldn't find the result screen, though. I'll try again whenever I come back over.
    New demo! Check it out, yo! It's on the Social Group page!!
    I'm thinking of taking some screenshots soon and putting them on the website or even making a slideshow to put on Youtube. If you were really ambitious, you and DrMarioX could record some footage from the new demo and put that up!
    Anyways just play the new demo already.
    -wine glass tink, as in a toast-

    Cheers, I just got 1,000 posts. And you still need to hang out with the Pikas. :p
    I have an error while extracting the Ocarina of Time Texture Pack with both winrar and 7zip I get an crc error at 58%. Could you help me, please?
    All righty. Sounds great, actually. Did you read my post on the group? I recommend it if you want to know about Hidden Skills...

    So anyways I'm thinking of switching my main to Zero Suit Samus. We were doing 2 vs 2 matches at the Video Gamers' Alliance meeting. I was ZSS, my partner was Diddy, and my opponents were Fox and Kirby. Pretty even, matchup wise, but my partner died while I had 2 stocks and 100%-ish, Fox had 2 and like 60%, and Kirby had 1 with about 40%. Somehow, I survived it all and won by canceling Fox's side B with ZSS's Forward Smash. O_O It was epic.
    Hey dude you got any ideas/sprites for Link's throws in SSBC? By the way he's almost done aside from those throws, so I will have an engine for you like this weekend probably. Don't forget - I want to make Kirby soon, so try and make sure he has all his sprites. Putting in sprites takes a **** long time in this engine...
    Dude I just had a huge brainsplosion.

    Read the SWF: Project Zelda thread. NOW! XD
    Well I'm just kinda sad Sora isn't in but I guess I'll have to look up to Tails and Lloyd and *Hidden* :(
    its really just a group where people can discuss ideas, dislikes, and anything else about SWF without the burden of noobs asking a question about everything
    Hey, is there any chance I can take a peek at your Smash Brothers engine? I'm currently working on my own game in Gamer Maker 7 lite and its based on the Smash engine to a certain degree.
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