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  • Iunno if u got my email and the facebook message I sent you, or if ur just ignoring me, but I have been waiting for a response to this question.

    If you go to LBT2 (there shouldn't be a problem as far as I know that will not allow you to go) Do you wanna team up for brawl and brawl+ :bee:?
    Go check out the Toon Link boards. They're rediscussing the Toon Link vs Kirby match up, and I know you got enough information from me and Raidos to give in a say.
    hey max there is a niagara tourny at my house on friday can u and luke come it starts at 5:00pm and the entry fee is anything worth $5.00 XD
    so r u in because niko is commin and he's kinda the highlight so if u can get a ride thats cool or u can juss take the buss after school with me and ayaz if u want. post on the weekly practices thread
    Hey Percon! Ahhh, I have to apologize...total failure on my part. I was just looking over that Prepare Yourself results and completely forgot that I wanted to play you on Wi-Fi. =_= Do you still play on it? Wouldn't mind playing you. My MSN is shadowpersonification@gmail.com if you ever want to set up a match.
    hey percon, i just wanted to know are you going to that buffalo tourney?
    I really want to go but I don't know how to get there, do you or ambrose drive? If you guys go i can maybe tag along./
    no idea but i know i am goin with ayaz so i dun wanna give u the wrong info yo just ask ayaz i guess....plus wuts up with niagara and sushi?
    Dude, did ya get the message?

    If it's too long, I'll rewrite it shorter, just say the word :p
    Oh, somebody had told me "if you post intelligent stuff, the back room will acknowlege you and let you pass"
    this sounds kinda ignorant but the back room is to discuss the stuff in brawl? like what?

    I dont want a purple name, i like blue better but i just want to know ^.^
    wow great job and yeah nvm we think we know where our melee is and yeah try to make it to our practices!!
    k max 3 things #1. seriously we NEED our melee we have practices that are running great so if u wanna drob by and get some smash practise in that woyld be good.

    #2. what u plact in cot 4?

    and lastly why the hell dun u ever ccome to our practices we are tired of the same people over and over again u and luuke would be a great change and also great smash practising also now me and mike can play IC *_*
    Hello Percon, My friend recently stumbled upon this forum and found the delightful news of the Smash Bros Tourney in St.Kitts. Me and my friend are planning on coming to the tournament, but i have two questions 1. are only members of this forum allowed to sign up? and 2. are Gamecube controllers allowed? or is it only the remote and nun.
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