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  • It is quite alright my friend. If there is ever a time where you feel a challenge is needed, I will be sure to give you one, whenever you feel you are ready...
    Wanna brawl me? If you do then put a message on my profile. Feel free to say no if you are too scared.
    Hey I just sent you a pm, but I'm not sure if it went through or not, let me know if you got it
    lol pen. Btw Sorry about me and star warrior teaming up on you i was getting annoyed of the projectile camping lol. Anyways i think i did better when you two teamed up on me. Anyways the first few my game was down so i want a rematch!
    my brawl name is typically sToRm, but now its snipe.

    i don't remember playing a pen, have we played before lol?
    haha, nah, i don't think im very close to being pro lol. I just picked up snake recently and like him a lot. I get owned by quite a few people here though. XD

    but thanks for the compliment. :D

    what is your brawl name? we should paly again sometime.
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