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    If you had to choose a character from each of these non-video game medias, who would make it in?

    Live-Action Movie - THE PREDATOR: Usually this is where I'd put James Bond, but then I thought that the Predator has a more interesting look and arsenal, not to mention, the Alien vs. Predator franchise is very well regarded in the gaming community, even though it started as a comic book that...
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    The Master of Unlocking, JILL, will survive in Smash!

    Sorry for not being very active! ^^u I just added some supporters! ^w^
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    The Master of Unlocking, JILL, will survive in Smash!

    Aaaand... updated! ;) Also, nice job! :grin:
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    Smash Switch Speculation: Third-Parties

    For Final Fantasy, I can see either Tifa (because FFVII Remake and she's bae) or another FF protagonist from another installment (i.e., Terra, Lightning, Noctis, etc.) alongside Cloud. For Street Fighter, definitely Chun Li, she's SF's most popular female character and with good reason, plus...
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    Smash Switch Speculation: Kid Icarus

    When in doubt, retcons are your friends!
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    Smash Switch Speculation: Kid Icarus

    I want Pit and Palutena to return, but I'd replace Dark Pit with Medusa. I know Hades is the more popular KI villain, but I think Medusa deserves that spot more by virtue of being a "Legacy" villain (since she was the main villain in the original NES game), not to mention that it would make the...
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    The Master of Unlocking, JILL, will survive in Smash!

    "You want S.T.A.R.S.? I'll give you S.T.A.R.S.!!" -Member of S.T.A.R.S.- "Who is this lady?" Jill Valentine, one of the many protagonists from Capcom's wildly successful and influential survival horror series, "Resident Evil." A skilled member of the S.T.A.R.S.(Special Tactics And Rescue...
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    If everyone you wanted got into Smash, who would you play the most?

    Out of all my +40 characters? That's a bit of a toughie, but here it goes: SORA: Sora's mah boi! I've been wanting to play as him in Smash ever since he appeared in Super Smash Flash 2 (he's my main there, btw), and really, he'd make for a great addition on top of fitting nicely with the rest...
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    The Lavender Kunoichi, AYANE, takes it to the Xtreme!

    Oh, you mean the one from the Ninja Gaiden games? Yeah, I guess she'd be fine reprising her role (in fact, all of Ayane's recent voice actresses would do a fine job on their own), but Brittney Harvey is usually the one I associate with her the most... mostly because I recognize her as Sakura...
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    The Lavender Kunoichi, AYANE, takes it to the Xtreme!

    "Burn the visage of my strength into those eyes!" ~The Lavender Kunoichi~ "Who is this lady?" Ayane, one of the main characters from Koei Tecmo's popular (for... a few reasons, *ehem*) fighting game series, "Dead or Alive". The illegitimate child of Raidou and Ayame, Ayane was a outcast...
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    Wise Fwom Your Gwave! Altered Beast for Smash.

    Oh hey, nice to see someone else who wants 5mash to show some Altered Beast love! I even made a bio for the Centurion a few months ago:
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    Wishlist of stuff for smash bros for switch

    My 3rd Party newcomer list (WARNING: Pretty friggin' long. Some likely, others... not so much. I'd be happy with like, one or two): -JIN ("Tekken") -CHUN LI ("Street Fighter") -AYANE ("Dead or Alive") -SOPHITIA ("SoulCalibur") -AKIRA ("Virtua Fighter") -TERRY ("Fatal Fury") -MORRIGAN...
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    "Justice Always Triumphs." - Ryu Hayabusa for Smash Switch! (Ninja Gaiden/Dead or Alive)

    I really want Hayabusa and Ayane in 5mash (with Hayabusa representing Ninja Gaiden and Ayane representing Dead or Alive).
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    Request a Character here!

    My top: -Ayane (Dead or Alive) -Sora (Kingdom Hearts) -Medusa (Kid Icarus) -Lightning (Final Fantasy) -Mickey (Epic Mickey)
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    Early Smash 5 Fan-Made Rosters (Ideal or Prediction)

    I'm pretty much happy with the current roster, so I wouldn't mind seeing it return (with the return of Snake and Wolf, of course). As for the newcomers... Hoo boy, do I have a looong wishlist, and the vast majority are 3rd party (and of course, I don't expect ALL of them to make it), but here...
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