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  • Not much, my friend. One of those lazy spring days. Ahh, how i rejoice in the bliss of the weekend! ^^
    I got knocked out in quarter-finals on my best go, so i'm happy enough. Lost a lot of my game towards the end of the day, when i ended up looking like a n00b(guess i'm better when i first play than when i play for 6 hours straight :D), but it was awesome fun.

    Got to play melee(which was awesome, but quite difficult, i'm happy i got a hang of ness' PK thunder first try though), and now i have a melee char post-bit like my 64 and brawl ness and lucas(respectively), and got to play 64, which i haven't payed in ages.

    So all in all i had a wonderful day, made lots of new friends(some of which no doubt i'll be having games with in between tournaments), and can't wait for the next one.
    bit o' this, bit o' that ^^

    Going to a tournament today, wish me luck?
    Haha, just got the position ^^

    Yeah, i have school too. Man, i'm trying to remember who it is that calls themselves pain online. At first i thought of starpheonix because of the similar avatars, but now I remember starpheonix is forte. Hmmm....
    Oh nooooeeeesssss, just when i think i can brawl you... D:

    I hope you're able to brawl when you get back online or it might have to wait a while. :/
    Hey man, do you still have that private message i sent you, detailing why i can't brawl as often as i'd like to(and also the time when i can brawl)? I feel bad keeping alex waiting all the time without an explanation and i'm feeling really lazy atm to re-type it. :-P

    Yeah if you still have that would you be able to re-send it to me? I delete my messages like that so i have nothin'.
    Nah bro, that ain't never gonna happen, you should know how good I am, if I do say so myself. :awesome:
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