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  • Yea dude definitely let me know. I haven't actually just chilled with you in ****en forever. I'm still trying to invite a few more people to have like a mini partyish thing :)
    LMAO I moved so the directions are a little different.

    You go to Port Authority and take the bus to Bayonne. Pretty much all the way down to around 8th street. If you can you should go with Jaden.
    Gah people are bailing on me. This is laaaaaaaaaaaame =(.........

    Well.. you're still welcome to come over. I'll probably just try to invite others :)
    Hmm well lets see whatever the metro trains cost.

    To NY Port authority to bus (About 6-7 round trip?)
    And a bus to Jersey City(About 4-5 round trip)

    So probably around 12 I guess. Assuming we don't have any drivers and cars.
    Umm I know I'm housing Jaden. And I'm housing Mattdotzeb and possibly some other people from NE if they can get down.

    If my friend Stratford comes over we could probably get a ride there. If not we'd have to take the bus.
    Yo Serge, if I have enough space at my place to house you would you be interested at crashing at my place day before Saffron?
    That 7 hour car ride home I just had was nullified by that comment. That just made my day. I'm dying laughing
    Yo tag! You better **** at RoM2 son! I hope you pull off some big a$$ upsets. I'll be rooting for ya. ;)
    I'm pretty sure I'm going to No Johns, and I'm planning on attending Spoc. It would be awesome to see you there.
    I think Darkness of Heart and I are supposed to be teaming. Look forward to playing with you. :D
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