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  • Whoever Adidas is, they're automatically my sworn rival :mad: :p
    I'm online now.
    Huh really? Never would've seen it from that perspective :o It's a good one though :)
    What do you think annoys those guys the most about your ROB anyway?
    That's too bad :/
    Lucario actually doesn't give me as much trouble as some others, not that I don't get frustrated at that MU though. :p Well as you know I struggle with ROB, and I don't link facing Toon Link either.
    I'm assuming you've asked the Ness boards for MU advice regarding those two, right?
    Yeah I have no idea why we D/Cd, sorry about that.
    Do you get many opportunities to get experience in those MU's? (sorry no can do, DLing something big right now :/ )
    Umm...I'm not really sure what's up with that either :o

    Yeah it's too bad about that, good try though! I wish we could've got some more games in, we only had a few team matches in the end.
    Ah, may do. Remember that it's often my brother and I so you'll wanna accommodate us both. :p

    We're gonna watch an anime, don't worry if we're not there to start. :)

    I'll let you know if anything comes up.
    One of my bros are on YouTube again :( Thanks for your time though and the games, GG's anyway :)

    And the reason I wanted to play against ROB is he's a character I have a lot of trouble against, and there's a ROB player at a tournament I'm going to this weekend who I'm probably going to have a PR match against so the experience is really helpful.
    Hey, whenever you're available to play next could I have some practice against your ROB plz? :3
    Hope all is well~

    I totally understand.
    I might play you in challenge cup someday.

    Even though I'm bad in it :p


    I shall leave you now to continue your personal endeavors.
    Good Night~ :D

    What you speak of is like... Being good at marvel V.S. Capcom!
    No one will ever Master Challenge Cup

    Challenge Cup Has no master.
    (Except lvl.9 Luigi)


    ...Sorry, I'll be more serious.

    It's like PO, but browser based (No Download).
    The biggest difference though is that it has animations!

    ...And bugs. ;w;
    I'd say punish him in the cool down animation (With is little so be fast) or read it and work out the best time to attack, if you're using Meta just Nado or if you're using Ness use PK fire.
    Good news, I might be able to get on tonight!

    ROB can go burn in hell! :mad::mad::mad:

    Oookay sur, I'll match you matching my greeting, and raise you a question.

    Do you play PS/PO? :3
    Ahh I have a commitment really soon. If I get off early enough then sure but otherwise I may just have to battle you tomorrow (hopefully!). That ok? Don't worry, I totally wanna battle you! ^^
    The DS and poke platinum that I have is actually my friend's, and poke white is actually my cousin's. :p
    Well I could take that one of two ways:

    1. Be angry and rage because you made me the spoiled brat who's mean, or...

    2. Be happy and honoured because you made me your rival! <3

    Imma gonna go with 2. :p :D
    nido is Bad and we must Cut him

    [COLLAPSE="."]Its short for my whole name but it is also a nickname my parents gave me when I was little.[/COLLAPSE]
    Oh erm, yep, uhhh, i'm going to my friend's house tomorrow, I likely (not certain, but likely) won't be able to contact/play you. I'll be back by like, monday. :3
    Summer camp for something i'm involved in. It was good though. A place called Valley Homestead, near Myrtleford. We had a pool too. :o
    I had a tough time beating wave's Marth with my Ness. Last time I played him, I went even with him when it came to Lucas vs. Marth but unless I used Lucas I usually got bodied. :o

    And I know, weird but nice to be back! <3
    Oh hey nido! Sorry, i've been away (I went on a camp for a week that, as it so happens, was situated in Victoria.... darn those 7-hour bus rides! :mad: But still, a heap of fun! <3) buuuuuuut i'm back now! ^_^
    Sure sounds good, but not quite yet sorry D: Maybe in an hour or so from now?^^;
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