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  • Aww, well the guys are pretty cool, if you were considering it you could probs ask one of them? I'd be happy for it but I doubt my family would approve ha. ;)
    Lion King is good. :)

    Anyway, you're in SA? Or Melbourne? Or NSW? I can't remember... You should come to one of our tournies... :o
    I do believe this would happen, just... replace scar with our mud wasp friend:

    A lot like those, yeah, except the abdomen isn't so far apart from the rest of the body and my ones are orange. They're so darn scary. :(
    The hot weather's pretty bad, the Mud Wasps are worse though... Unless there's a black-out. Then they're about even in horrificness because of no working air con when you're trying to go to sleep in 45+ degree weather. ><
    Oh it's a long explanation... go to Ryukario's page and go back until you find one of my VMs, then click on 'view conversation' and go back until you find my explanation ha. =)
    Aha I was in the desert man. ^_^

    Gibson, to be exact. In WA. :-D

    Basically it means that soon-ish i'll b connecting my wii up and will be able to verse people online again! Hurrah!
    Charizard doesn't grab-release infinite Ness. He inches forward on every grab, so it's more like Charizard gets a free 10-30% and fresh moves from constant grab-release pummels into a D-Tilt at the edge of the stage.

    Squirtle has a grab-release infinite on Ness, however.
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