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  • I see your tier list had Lucas in Low Tier still.

    I suppose it's time to teach you a lesson!

    J/ks. :p :p :p

    Thinking the 35 char battle should be on Monday, that'll be perfect.

    I've got my meet tomorrow, any advice on fighting Falco with Ness?
    Oh hey you're right!

    I thought you were closer to central (SA/NT) time. Silly me.
    No prob buddy. ^_^

    And yea, I remember last year I did a chem test and i was convinced i knew absolutely nothing about chem and was gonna fail... then i proceeded to share the top mark in the (top science) class with two other people, so I guess I wasn't too bad! :p

    I like bio though, because I love animals. I do Agriculture too. ^_^
    I'm getting close to holidays; mine start at the end of the week after next. Basically it's week 9 here and the last week is week 11.

    Do you want me to verse you now or later? if we do it now we probably won't have time, i'm afraid. =(

    Oh and hey are you in year 11 or 12? I'm guessing 12? I'm only in 11 myself. :p
    You ask me at 9PM, the day before my biology assignment is due, two days before the long weekend begins and my meet, 3 days before I travel down to Kiama for Easter to meet up with family...

    You ask a tall order, my good sir, but I will try!

    So how exactly does this work? Is it like a crew battle? Stocks mean more than the outcome of the match?
    I actually don't know. Remember i've only versed you online so ROB just seems broken to me!

    Gonna take ROB out of the equation, i've barely versed your DDD so i'm gonna say MK.
    I messed up there too, didn't mean to go down so far and messed up my buttons and then DI-ed badly. :p

    So it turned out to be good for you.

    Yoyo's are okay, especially when you want to punish landings as they're the only smashes in the entire game that have active hitboxes as they charge.
    My bro's okay but he needs to have some faith in his characters and he needs to get used to proper spacing (looks like i'm going to need to master it if I want to take on your ROB) and roll less.

    Him spamming smashes was controller malfunctions though. He's a good player. :p
    Dude it's like, 'oh okay i'm spacing we- WTH HE GRABBED ME!?!?!?!'

    At least it's not like this offline. There we can both do stuff. It's nicer and less 'want to murder the other person' kind of play. :p
    And you say Ness/Lucas are broken on wifi! Honestly, versing ROB there I just wanted to bash my head against the wall. ><
    Kay, waiting for you now. =)

    My bro and I will take turns versing you, the person who taunts 'teehee!' at the beginning is the one who drops out to let the other verse you.

    We'll both use PSI kids for you buddy, so you're getting two different playstyles. =)
    If you're doing it online, that's amazing. I can kind of do it but i'm far better offline.

    My brother's testing out DACUS with different chars atm. I'll try to be on soon though.
    Absolutely, I want you destroying my PK kids or at LEAST downloading a few things before you go to sleep. *glares harshly*

    But seriously, feel free to train on me as much as you want. I'm here for you dude! I'll be happy to play you now or later. ^_^
    And i'm hapy to do that 35 charo battle but unsure as to how it will work. up the tier list? or down it? Or something?
    Sorry dude, I realize that can't have been fun for you at the end, usually being the first to die. I tried to go for my brother a bit more but... I do admit that you have this playstyle where you're always running in to the action...

    I think you were right when you said you hated three-for-alls. They just don't work for you buddy. :p

    If it makes you feel any better, I think i've gotten some motivation with Lucas.
    I'm scared.

    But yea i'll see what i can do. I've been feeling kinda down cause I 2-stocked wave's Marth with Ness and then proceeded to lose with lucas... =( =( =(
    Ah sorry dude, my bro wanted some matches before we went online and then it got a bit too late.

    I swear i'll play you, I really wanna play you again, those last few matches we had were good... :(
    Dunno if i'm up for serious matches but I might be able to play 'training matches' for a mall while.

    I'll be in BB if you need me, my friend. =)
    Oh haha nup don't worry, when I first saw it I assumed you were offline and thought 'ahh well', then I forgot to respond once I realized you were about.

    I might be up for a few games. Eating dinner atm but i'll let you know when i'm ready to play. might not be able to play for long though; I wanna get a decent amount of sleep because of my ext. English assessment tomorrow. :/
    Aha, i'm a little out of it right now, just gonna check the boards and then I might be up to play. I'll let you know if I am. =D
    Haha, dude I don't mind. I do it to my brother because he sometimes gets sick of me constantly going PSI kids. It's why i've been branching out recently so that i can use zelda, peach, ZSS, ICs, Falco, MK, Ganon, Yoshi and so on in friendlies. ^_^
    But you 3-stocked me once (granted last death was an SD) and 2-stocked me a bunch of times... if it wasn't for my comeback a little later in our sets, I would have called that annihilation.

    If it helps, i find versing your characters to be the same way. :p

    And if you don't want me to use Lucas/Ness at any time, change your tag to 'noLCS' or 'noNSS' and i'll be happy to oblige.
    I suppose you weren't happy with the constant PSI kids huh? I'm sorry, I just wanted to equalize the scores a bit. It's been a while since we played and your initial dominating lead kinda caused me to wanna go full force back.

    You're really good though. Wouldn't be surprised if you're better than me now. Which is saying something since i've been around the boards a lot longer. :)
    Scene's inactive, people are already bonded, others like me suffer issues when trying to integrate... It's not hideous but I wish it was better. :(
    GG's, you got Skype?
    Yeah, I should be tis.nido or something I can't remember lol
    Nice ***** you got there.
    Why thank you, even though it's actually Rascal's cat.
    I would but i'm a bit pre-occupied in Oberin. My character died and i'm waiting for monsters to be lured away so I can revive. :p
    Nido i'm sorry!! Something came up and I didn't get enough time to check this to respond to you!! D:

    Can we play later on today?? I'm so sorry... i'm really sorry... :(
    Sounds amazing but can it happen on the weekend? I had a period 0 (7:45 to 8:45 class) and period 6 (3:25-4:20/25 class) on the same day in addition to my normal 1-5 periods (except for a study period 2). A bit too tired for it now but tomorrow when a friend of mine (different one to last time) comes around?
    Not sure how many I saved, I'll see what I've got and make sure it's got no stupid stuff in it.
    GGs Nido, you certainly played better in the lag than I did. Thanks for the games though. :)
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