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  • and I'm one of the best players in NC..i could practice with u a lot and help ur game out if u like came over tonight or something. idk I just really hate to miss this tourney x.x but i understand if u dont wanna go.
    Dude I'm so sorry. I haven't been on the boards all week (been too busy playing HoN). The more I think about it, the more I utterly detest the situation of SC smashers including myself, for now. i don't have a lot of money, yet in order for me to do well and get prize money in smash, I have to spends loads of money first(gas entry fee). Not to mention, the kind of extra strain on my car going on these long ass trips to events which will ultimately result in car maintenance sooner than otherwise (more money spending). Long story short, unfortunately I'm not driving to any smash events further than rock hill.
    hey, the tourney is tomorrow and you never got back to me...do you think I can ride with you?
    hey nexus, i saw you were going to the tourney in raleigh next weekend?

    could you please please please please PLEASE pick me up for it? I live in hickory, nc and I would be more then willing to pay for some gas $$

    just let me know, I really need to find a ride haha
    when is next GP tourney?
    Cause we're having a gamzone tourney this friday
    and it'd be cool if we had some GP flyers to hand out since we're planning on having some new commers to the smash scene there
    get back at me or txt call whenever
    thanks bro
    Hey man we're playin smash today. You can come play if you want. Its 4:28 right now, and I think we'll be playin in an hour or two. Call or text me if you need more info cuz I'm bout to get offline.
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