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  • Well, I'll be traveling with my crew, and we'll probably get housing together since there will be 7 or 8 of us, but the gesture is very appreciated.
    Go to WATO (tournament). It's in orlando and I'll be there this weekend (March 6th). Check it out (Atlantic South Sub-Forum).
    Haha, thank you very much! I am going to Orlando, and I will take you up on that lunch offer. Please make sure to introduce yourself and I'll be happy to play you in many friendlies.
    lol our best player used to live in Lawton :/

    Contact a guy named Bassem6, see if he can do anything <.< Other than that I have no ideas. Are you in Lawton high right now or what?
    That's great dude, we were looking for more players :p

    Where do you live? Everyone's really centered around the Norman area for school, but we have kids in Edmond and OKC as well as Tulsa.
    for doing BB and SF. u usually can check out shoryuken.com (mostly SF) or dustloop.com (BB) and maybe astralheat.com (recent forum dedicated to BB)

    The community base for those games vary (i do not know because i recently moved up here)

    for setups, i would ask this, how many ps3 and 360 systems does the place have? plus u have to take into consideration the playerbase of which players play more on what system (miami for example, the players there own 360's more than ps3, so tournaments are mostly catered to 360). my guess for orlando would be 360, but don't be afraid to run both systems, just try to accommodate players needs. some players may have one system or another, others have controllers supported for both systems (arcade joysticks). the only tournies that happen for SF are ranbats (rank battles) at Will's pub. BB there isn't many around except for florida gaming back in early august

    systems i would say it varies on the amount of players who show up, but match sets are super fast compared to brawl.

    feel free to shoot me a message on AIM or send these messages, I'll be glad to answer them, also, if needed i can also stop by the place and survey,
    At this point it's a definite maybe. I might be able to go, just got to work out a few things first.
    most definitely i'll go to the next one, if there are no johns.
    But I'm going to Miami at nite, so I might be able to make it but I dont know.
    I'm going to the next Gamezone. Without a doubt. Have to make up for those two that I missed D:
    Do you have tap jump on? I don't remember much UpB OoS from you.

    Also, you did some really good grabs. My friend practically never uses his grabs.
    Yeah, but to0 bad for you I have plenty of Marth experience. =P

    G&W isn't a hard match learn. It's just playing carefully since a mistake leads to one of our smash attacks.
    yea can't wait for me and mars **** this tourney man...let me know though, because i forget and i come now and then to the boards.
    I'm pretty much positive that we'll be there. Can't wait for next Saturday.
    Hey, when's the next Gamingzone tourney? Been waiting for a new one for a while. May 9th seems good, btw.
    haha yea im comin prolly.
    hopefully it has another good turnout. Get the word out!
    Are they giving out more of the pot this time? =)
    hey man, you may want to change the tourney to the 11th of april. some of the guys said it would be better cause there's another tourney taking place on the 18th of april. talk to angie and ask me if you need any help.
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