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  • Ohai there, I'm back and randomly awake at 6 in the morning where I should be asleep.

    To reply to your first statement, the answer is yes and no.

    Metagame development-wise, I would say Sonic has made hops that DK could only hope to make. Sure there's some ATs found for him and all that stuff, but Sonic has improved more since the game (!) was released.

    Face value stats, no. Donkey Bong has a good balanced of speed, power, and range. Sonic only has major Speed, average kill power, and his range compared to Donkey Bong is rather lackluster. If you want to include the recovery category Sonic has him outclassed there but then again most everybody else in the cast is outshined there, even in the game of Brawl. Donkey Bong also has some matchups he is better in, overall a better character... when you don't factor King Dedede into the equation. You could argue that Sonic isn't too behind, if not further ahead just because he doesn't have a "get-*****" matchup to worry about, and comparing these two to each other and the rest of the cast... soloing Sonic ain't no walk in the park for sure, but if you want to do it you could (I know I am).

    I only hope I answered that rather well, this is just my observation.

    Oh, and if you're at all curious about my tourney performance, I got 5th out of 11 entrants in singles, lost to the people that ended up placing 1st and 2nd respectively.
    I have to leave to go a tourney, but let me just say quickly that yes you are correct, however if only it were a MU thread and not a metagame comparison.
    Lol Rolf as usual went overboard with all that stuff he and wilfred took to hunt the Ed's.
    Lol Sonic at his best, to be an annoying ***hole
    Dang, Hiatus huh? Guess I'll go to the ROB boards and find one to fight
    I've never played a Pikmin game, not sure whose the hero in the third one.
    Lol Rob reminds me of a fake r2-d2
    That was my biggest gripe with the ending they just forgave them too easily. New episodes will be the biggest news CN has ever announced lol
    When I play Sonic with my family they always groan too. They be like "**** Sonic's too fast!" and "Your cheap you know that?". I love getting on peoples nerves with Sonic :bee:
    Hmm I'll send Kofu a message and see if I can brawl him sometime.
    Olimar only starred in one game, a guy named luwey was in the second. True about ROB lol How does a toy get into a fighting game?
    I heard it was new ones. I didn't like the ending to the Big Picture Show for some reason. Idk why..All of Ed's joke designs were funny though lol
    Ha you should see some of the guys on the Sonic boards. I'm a scrub compared to them but I'm good with Sonic just not online haha I been trying out new things with Sonic lately to mix up my approaches though.
    I know how you feel about that tiara-wearing-pansy Martha, ROB isn't too bad but then again I haven't played too many of them, Olimar is a waste of a character. Why is he in this when he's only been in one game?
    I heard it's coming back and don't forget you can watch Ed, Edd 'n Eddy's Big Picture Show on youtube. I got some of my favorites too lol
    Well I'm not the best but I think I've gotten better since that match with that Kirby. Ugh I hate fighting Kirby's.
    Thanks! Are you SRoom then?

    What happened after the final match? It went for 20 seconds and then said you disconnected.
    sorry for the taunt buddy...didnt mean for that to happen...i was fighting a jerk earlier lol...good games!
    O.o I dunno why, but I like to play a whole bunch of people. It's funner than just playing one.
    O.o Lol found it! I was very impressed with your Jigglypuff. And yeah, my Wolf is kinda lulzy. I main Ice Climbers and my secondaries are Yoshi, Falco, Peach, Olimar, Pikachu, Pit, PT, Lucas....and I think that's it.
    Since fair is a multi hit, it separates them, even when you DI it. :[

    The Sonic boards might have the ratio between them, but we still don't get it yet. Dx So I dunno, lol.
    We'll see. :P Although I think that Sonic is one of the ICs' bad matchups, due to his jumping ability to jump on Blizzards and Ice Shots if they try to cancel his spin dashes. He can also separate them with fair, and some of his Spin Dash combos. As of now we currently don't know the ratio between them... so ya. :|

    Hope you improve once you read the stuff here and brawl lots of people here, lol. But in AiB you fight more people there than in here since you brawl them on the ladders and in the Free Play section, but one of them can be either a johner, a nice, crazy person, or something, lol. If you fight a lot high leveled people here you'll definitely improve. :P
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