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  • Um I dunno why you'd get error messages. It worked fine for me.

    I guess aim express would work. I don't anything about it either lol.
    I heard Y'all had a great night last night.

    I been trying to get a friday off so I can join, but think due to my requesting the whole weekend for HERB off and the weekend after when I go up to New York . . . They is kinda sour. :bee:
    What happened with smash yesterday? Everyone bailed?

    Good shiz on today. Lemme know how it goes.

    Lol I'll bet. XD
    yeh u can take it, but can i keep brawl for duncans house? if not its straight
    Unfortunately, it sounds like Adam is planning on spending the time there not just to play smash. Meaning, he might be longer than I would like. I work on weekends starting Fridays.

    This has always been the issue with me and a main reason why I never got out like I wanted back when I played smash.

    OH WELL! I will plan on coming in the near future. I don't know if Josh is still sour with me, but I guess I can give that another shot too. :)
    One of these days, I'll be going with Adam, and I might join in playing. I AM the worst, so you'll enjoy beating up an me. ;)
    I wouldn't mind having two of amsah though just because he's the best Sheik.

    We could always just put some on the backburner for later, if you wanted to do this again.

    It's your call lol.
    Over vs M2K might be worth looking at as well.

    I believe that set is more simple than lucky vs amsah but more complicated than zhu vs amsah, so it could be doable.

    We can do that.

    Did you ever get an AIM to help with that?

    I'll try to prepare for the talk some tomorrow/Friday before we talk.
    CA sure would get a lot of people traveling to it.

    Course, Mango would've had to have gone to Pound 3 and ROM1 before he could finally stay in CA to be the best.
    Well, if he didn't do that, then Mango would never go anywhere lol.

    Hopefully it will.....
    G$, the guy who gets Mango's S in order to go anywhere, told me.

    He's buying Mango's ticket very soon.
    Lol you might as well mention him.

    I'd prefer he got his own account and posted, but I'll take what I can get I guess lol.
    Exactly. I haven't heard of something like this since JMH/old school stuff.

    Haha man that sounds really fun. I'm jealous. =p
    Yeah dude, this made my week as well haha.

    I forsee some fun times in the future if this guy sticks with it.

    Hopefully he'll come to a lot of stuff.
    lol bro i know u were messin. tell u the truth i had doubts about myself because i have entered anything in a while, and i actually asked him on facebook if he was carrying me. of course he said no, but when u said it i was like" whoa, i know he playin but i really need to step it up and enter singles."
    I'm sure he'll learn that in time.

    Just don't forget that you're not playing to win so much as to learn in those friendlies, so if he starts beating you because you're learning, just know you'll whup him back with the knowledge when you get serious haha.
    So I take it he might not bring them along next time? =p

    Yeah seriously lol. This guy sounds hardcore.
    Sounds like it'll be fine to place my faith in him even if he has played with Ali(which doesn't sound like it's the case now).

    Are you going to play him twice a week or is it a "see how it goes" kinda thing?
    He has been watching videos, so he could just be very perceptive.

    Was I correct in explaining the way he took his losses?
    Alright, thanks man.

    I know LoZR will **** him initially, maybe even for a while. If he cares enough to keep coming back for more he'll learn a ton.

    Also, how did he take his losses? It seems like he was more surprised than anything. If he isn't a typical scrub and didn't slink off then it's likely that even if he is an average guy we can train him up.
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