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  • WOW! I just looked at your visitor messages and you know JigglyZelda? Haha Nice we are friends too. ANYWAYS. YES I HAVE BEEN PRACTICING IT UP! I remember the good ol days .... But now I am ready to fight. xD Imma laugh when you pwn me for sure. Lets fight next week then, Im ready. I got a new wii though, my old one broke so I got a new fc, 3008-2769-0020 . I need yours too later. ^^ Miss fighting you. LATER.
    We havent fought in forever! And I think I could beat you now, haha I remember your spammy snake. ^^ Ive gotten alot better.
    welcome back moustachio. lulz ggs and now I feel like I have an uber yoshi since you're out of practice. yay in a few weeks you'll be waaaaay better
    Z-dodge....? I don't remember you telling me about that. I'll go check out your post. And if you eat my dog, then I'll eat your cat! Mwahahaha lol.
    I finally posted that z-dodge thing I (think) I found out. I was really bored and had nothing better to do O_o

    Hurry up and friend me or I'll eat your dog!
    yeah, but also the lag slaughtered me lol. there were times when i pressed to pulled up a turnip and theres was a 1-2 second wait before it came out. XD

    other than the lag beating me the matchs were still good. your the best snake player to date i've fought. :)
    Hey, want another match? I've been fooling around with some new techniques and somewhat of a new playing style.
    You have a really nice snake, you use you're grenades very well. Although probably the only thing I could say that you were doing wrong was that you often roll behind people if they're close to you, and sometimes it can get you punished really hard, but other then that, keep up the good work.

    P.S. grr at fd all the time >.< lol
    Heh, a great Snake player. I'd say he's at the same level as I am. If I can beat someone, he can probably beat them too. Our first match I lost, but after that, I beat him each time. I needed to leave halfway, so I couldn't finish one match.
    oh yeah, those were definitly fun.
    i'll keep you on the list as well so we can play some more....
    they were mostly close matches..except for like the few that you annialated me...hah
    freakin powerful tilts...
    Why you want to fight again?? T.T It wasnt very fun to me, except squirtle and snake are pretty amusing together.
    Hey, I'm just browsing through my requests (I'm not going to slack again), so I just have a quick question about your sig.

    I really need a render (a pic) for what you want. I can tell that you have wanted a particular outcome. Just browse around planetrenders and Google for a bit till you find something you like. Not only will you like what you get, but I don't do vague well.

    Oh, and next time you are avalable, go to my profile, then to my group "Aman13 & Co. hangout hut." Every requester (or any random person, but it's mainly for requesters) gets acces, so come check it out.

    Thanks for requesting.
    Hmm you're not bad with Ike yourself my good man. Although there was a bit more lag then I would have wanted, I would be happy to battle you again sometime. I'll keep you on my Friends List.
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