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  • xD I was thinking of using that pic for my avatar a while ago.

    Headphones + meganes = the best.

    what an easy math problem
    So, I'm really sorry how uh, what happened when we got to my house. I uh really goofed :<
    Boss Cat is very well done. Approval. Thumbs up! Gold star. Won "who wants to be a millionare". Received the Nobel peace prize two years in a row.
    yeah big conflict there huh?

    If that';s the case I'll just go to Vengeance, but still if something happen tourney wise in Madison let me know. I'm bad at checking tournament listings.
    If you have that tourney on the 7th, I'll skip Vengeance for it.

    While I wanted to go to that, I'm not in a financial position to drive that far.
    Me and Adam have now decided that you have went from Alex-nyan, to Azusa #2.

    Azu-nyan #2 may also be used as an alternate.
    Hey man, I moved back to Florida this past March. So I won't be going to smash Minnesota, or pretty much anything in that area for a long time. If I do make it back up there eventually, I'll be sure to let all the WI smashers know well in advance.
    What no, my fabled deck was made up too travis lmao.

    I copied gravekeepers and TG lol
    differential - infinitely small element

    dearimasu~ - literally de ariamsu~


    integration - calculus tool used to find the area under a curve

    coupled systems - a system of equations that are 'coupled' to each other. Meaning one equation involves the seconds equation in some way.

    desu - desu~

    del operator - A math term used to describe the directional derivative. It calculates the direction with the most change



    flux - Flow of something

    electric magnetic field

    E - Electrical Field intensity

    H - Magnetic Field intensity

    V - Scalar Electric Potential

    A - Amperes or Vector magnetic potential

    W - Watts

    complex poynting vector - Power density, term used to denote how much power flows through a surface

    scalar - term that has no direction involved i.e Time

    time harmonic - Sinusodial in nature. The term contains a cosine, or sine in it. It means that the term will experience a 'high' amplitude, drop to zero go down to a 'low' amplitude then go back to zero. The process repeats infinitely.

    transmission line - Any form of wires that can carry electricity

    microstrip - A thin film of dielectric laid upon a conductor, it acts like a transmission line.

    stub matching - typically microstrips added to a system to control the reflections of electric/magnetic waves

    optical - An electromagnetic wave that is operated at a very high frequency

    Minato - Person who's going to the yan yan maid cafe at AX with me obv
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