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Recent content by mewtwogod

  1. mewtwogod

    Who's Your Favorite Nintendo Villain?

    Mewtwo. He is a villain because he is the final boss of some pokemon games. (Or maybe not, I dunno any pkmn lore.) If not, Ganondorf.
  2. mewtwogod

    What literally impossible characters would you want?

    I want mainly palico from mhw and midna
  3. mewtwogod

    Who do you Main?

    watch SDX if you want to see good mewtwo gameplay
  4. mewtwogod

    Official Newcomer/DLC Speculation Discussion

    i know im late but palico for smash
  5. mewtwogod

    Who do you Main?

    melee huh?
  6. mewtwogod

    Who do you Main?

    I luv mewtwo but you knew that
  7. mewtwogod

    How to buff Mewtwo

    o wait m2 is god already said that, but its the only thing i want really, seeing as tail hurtbox got smaller.
  8. mewtwogod

    How to buff Mewtwo

    Also make him heavier. Hes about 200 lbs in the pokemon games so it would make sense. Also it mean no more dying to dsmash at 70%
  9. mewtwogod

    How to buff Mewtwo

    I really couldn't agree with anything more. STOP SLEEPING ON MEWTWO!
  10. mewtwogod

    Who do you Main?

    Wondering who ya main;)
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