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  • How can I get This premium membership? And it's okay if you give me a late responce It does'nt get on my nerves.
    One more question then I'll get outta here. Can I change my name from ETWIST51294 to Twist somehow?
    True. Plus he has no priority. But I'm glad Snake is'nt number 1 any more now everyone can't say "you just won cuz your playing with the bet char".
    Yep. And I don't like it. I think Snake should be over MK, I don't think Samus is better Falcon, And why is Bowser mid tier.
    I should be in bed by now, but I played too much Brawl :(. I'm not very good, I'm getting beat by a friend's Lucas/Zelda. You got any tips for fighting against them?
    Sorry to hear that bro.

    Alex (Karn) and Bill (NC Echo) are starting bi-weeklies at UNC-CH. I'm sure you'll be able to make one of those sometime.
    Ahh, thx for that! I've heard of that game! He might be in SSB4, I'm not sure, though. He should have a sequel (and a good one at that) to increase his chances. BTW, I never played that game, but I plan on it.
    That's too bad. I was at a big Filipino party yesterday, and there's always a lot of food at those and you're practically required to take some home with you. I'd share some with you, but I'm eating it all now.

    Good luck on your test (that's what you have to do right?)! Yeah college! That's my first day too, but I've got 10 days left in Fayetteville. Yee-haw!

    On a Smash-related note, my brother and I just clocked in our 10,00th stock match in Melee. *celebrate*
    I'm alriiiight, got invited to the mall by my mom to take advantage of tax-free weekend, but it's so dang hot out there. I just want to sit at the computer for the rest of the day and eat ice cream. What's up on your end?
    Hey, MetaXzero! Yeah I'm on smashboards too. I just don't go on it that much cuz I don't know how to work it:/.
    Aw man, I didn't actually get the reference, I just thought the name sounded funny. No cookie :(

    Have a fun day!
    Man, that kind of stuff was fun. I never actually finished my stick fighting class since my teacher moved. I like hitting things (I was first inspired by the Soulcalibur games) (NERD!)
    Aww, they're all wannabes. I'm automatically authentic.

    I will be patiently training until that day. Lemme bust out my little rattan stick, foam nunchuck, and pair of training sais....
    Haha, I know a lot of wannabe ninja/samurai (and people with friends who are wannabe ninja/samurai). I guess it comes with being Asian (if you didn't know). I took a stick-fighting class once. We must do battle.
    Boring old Fayetteville! I wouldn't drive all the way up to Raleigh to play Smash though, so I guess I lucked out with skool.

    How will you be able to tell? I didn't think anyone else here was on Smashboards...up until now!
    I just don't understand the thought process that would make someone like him want to...never mind, just the idea is giving me a headache.
    Me neither, but it's too enticing to not go!

    I almost could have got a job at Wal-Mart, but the hiring process apparently takes a month and that's all I've got left for summer. :( Good luck to you though! I'd call you, but that'd be kind of weird.
    It was straight. I was gonna see The Dark Knight, but it was sold out until midnight. :( So I just went out and played some tennis instead. Maybe I'll get to see it tomorrow. Have you seen it yet?
    3 minutes huh. That's pretty crazy. I'll go read more about it so that if I ever get to play Brawl again I'll freak some people out, hah!
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