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  • i may have some plans happening on friday, im not sure whats going on just yet. this smashfest of yours, how many people are invovled and what times are we talking exactly?
    i know the maugensville sheetz yeah, sounds good man just lemme know if you wanna get some practice in.
    from that venue im just over 30 minutes away, not sure if ive ever been to "the big sheetz" ive been to a few down there although im not too familiar with htown. if you got aim look me up, my aim address is listed on here ill be glad to practice with you.
    hey I thought I would Private message you, because I really liked your signature quote (is that what its called?) "95% of n00bs don't know that they're n00bs, the other 5% won't be n00bs for long" It struck accord with me because I definantly know that I am a n00b, and am not afraid to say so... BUT I have actually been, not only playing but also studying brawl for about three weeks now. Point being your quote gave me hope that there could be light at the end of the tunnel to ending my n00bishness (n00bidity?). Anyway nice quote.
    my bad i havnt logged on in so long ..........my adress is 300 natickk ct silver spring md 20905........ima c if p s dess and sin are still coming but wats ur number so i can call you early in the morning
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