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  • no..i will ask ced tommorow but im not sure if he knows or not...i bet its gonna b cancelled since no one is talkin about it.....HOWS ME CONTROLLER??
    at "creo": at least ur confident lol...i have no confidence at all.

    i just cant be confident...even if i know im going to win.
    My online is being gay. It has been for like a week or two now.
    When it works again, I'll play online for fun only. It's getting annoying when
    n00bs think they're good when the beat me online.
    hey can you tell me everything you did and every program you used to make that combo vid?

    im making one and i need help on it...nobody helps me when i ask in the videography section.
    I'll give it to you later. I don't know my House Phone number, and I don't have a cell.
    alright ill take good care of it....btw how can i go to ur house like ur other friends. i wanna play u again... or if u could just come to mine
    you were pretty good yourself.....didnt know what i was doin when i first went against your TL. good skills too. i was thinkin you were going to do tht combo on me that you always do on your vidz...guess not lol.

    take care of my control lol. i dont care how long you borrow it...i dont really need it at teh moment when i do i will ask you for it...they sell the platinums at gamestop about $30. thts where i got tht one.

    Alright. When I call the kid, I'll ask him address/etc.

    Our matches are just about always mad close to each other, I don't want to slaughter you! El oh El.
    I'll play, but not with Marth. I like a fair-fight. :)
    Plus, beating you when you can't/couldn't play is bad rep for me.
    its official....i can come over monday.

    just answer my questions i guess...

    they said i can go as long as u can drop me off...

    and i guess thts it
    Lucky for you I haven't been playing much. . .Yeah, I got an extra controller.

    It depends who wants to go. Maybe Misterpimp, but I don't think his mom/guardian will let him >_>.
    I'll ask some people at school tomorrow. It's just bad that there aren't too many good people in Woonsocket. You know anyone in R.I. that we could pick up?

    By the way, in November, I heard there's going to be a money tournament at some kids house. Need I say more?
    lol about the controller...i broke mine about 2 months ago bcuz i was mad at street fighter....i got a new one off of amazon.

    arent you going to cedriks house on the 25th?
    not to be offensive or w/e but dont EVER say tht. i know i will lose so dont bother try cheering me up or using sarcasm.

    andy tells me about you and "creo"(the F-A-G) a lot and how hard u guys are.
    to tell the truth i get nervous and i lose even more......?.......confidence(got stuck)

    i think i shouldnt listen to him cuz either i think he sux or i should believe him or.....somethin.
    hey me and scott were waitin for you after school but i ride a bus so i dont have much time to wait. i saw u but i guess i wont be able to talk to you till october 4.

    btw u look like u dont even play brawl....more liek madden or some other sports games.
    im nervous lol im gonna get SSOSOSOSO OWNED i wont even stand a chance since you can beat scott.
    Lol I was able to beat you before and I SMASHED on you today!
    Albeit, you got a comeback but so did I. ^_^ Plus, I don't even get to train much against humans..wait until I can!
    Good matches though!
    Yo, about that tournament, I called but some girl didn't understand me and hung up..that's not my fault.
    And, I can beat you so I must be up at your "pro" status as well.^_^
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