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  • Do you have any Shulk gifs? Have you did an analyzes on the Leaked Video and Shulk reveal trailer?
    Time flies. You were like my first exposure to Youtube contact - got me into it haha. Cool to see you're still around AND in on this leak stuff, just I'm on the other side compiling info together haha. Also, didn't know you lived in Ontario too, Anyways, I won't bother you, you probably get notifications up the wazoo after your leakage.
    So the DLC part of the leak was just garbage? And I heard mention of Impa and Mach Rider...
    Well I'd bet your source doesn't want you answering questions, yea? Or saying anymore?
    Hmmm... this interests me, I'm going to have to follow you >:)
    Just post the rest of the leaks and stop being weird about it. If you don't, someone else will. End this horrible argument with more definitive images
    Hey Masterlinkx! I remember your Melee bloopers from back in the day, I gotta say it was awesome!!! It had inspired me to make my own bloopers from Brawl when it came out! :)
    I just want to know one thing just one thing and that's it I don't want to know the entire roster I just want to know on a scale of 1 - 10, King K. Rool being playable just give me a number I swear to every god I believe in I won't talk about it to anyone
    You don't seem to be a fan of Fire Emblem, no ?
    Fire Emblem is alright.
    Deleted member
    Thanks for your explanation, one of your liked videos was querying me. X)
    Heya, MLX. I was wondering if you wanted premium to hang around with the bronies in the DR (since we've basically moved there altogether)? In my departure, I just thought I'd ask.:applejack:
    Yeah, I often come to Mississauga to do stuff since it's pretty boring over here in Georgetown. =/

    You ever been to Georgetown before?
    Well, you seem like the kind of person who I'd want to hang out with. Hence, me starting the process by associating our locations together. (I hope this makes sense.)

    Hope you don't mind.
    You posted that on your own wall. :p

    I want to get to know you better, I noticed that we both live in the same province. :)
    Happy birthday, dude!

    Thanks for uploading all that MLP stuff to your channel!
    Just wanted to say that I love your current avi.
    It's another pony image that makes me smile. Right next to SSGuy's current avi.
    you, you're the same Masterlink on youtube that uploads all the MLP episodes, amirite?

    Didn't think it was smashboards though, lol.
    Darn You MasterLinkX you and your confound ponies got me addicted to My little pony: Friendship is magic. (Well it took the team work of you and three other guys before I became a convert, but still...)
    If PM isn't out by tomorrow, shoot me a message and I'll give you my copy of the leak. - Shonic
    do you have your pf folder for download? a link to that would be great. Also, hoow do you put up a whole folder for download?
    By any chance, could you upload your "newfiles" folder with the original files with them? I'm trying to mix your pf file with my mine :p
    That's really weird... you sure it worked without the X:\Private\Wii\App\RSBE\pf\info\portrite\InfFace## #.brres files? I'm reading a CPS Guide right now and it says you should include them. I don't get why it works on your Wii and it doesn't in mine... :confused:
    Hello sir. Just in case, I posted this on the Texture Hacking thread, but just in case you haven't seen it, I'll paste it here:

    I have the exact same problem as the other two. The character selection screen is just as regular Brawl. The texture works fine, and in the result screen the CPS appears too.

    I have the correct codeset, and my Brawl is the NTSC version too. What I did was replacing the old folder with the new one. I left it unchanged, so check it out and see if there's a problem.

    Help, please. :(

    Edit: I think I found the main problem. This is missing from the rar file:

    X:\Private\Wii\App\RSBE\pf\info\portrite\InfFace## #.brres

    So yeah... it would be much appreciated if you could upload those for us. Thanks in advance. :)
    Excuse me, but do you have your csps .tga uploaded? I have RAWRzilla's, but I also wanted more from yours.
    I dunno if you care or not, but could you tell me how you got CUPASH working for character select portraits?
    I have so many problems that no one else will answer...
    You're like the only one who got CUPASH working, lol. Did you use photoshop and not GIMP?
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