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  • But howwwwww lol do you use two fingers for c/z then? My c is jump too, and I'm seriously trying to switch controllers because WiiChuck won't let me comfortably jumpshine OoS X_x

    Sounds good, but just a fair warning, we've already seen a bunch of lightstepping tricksies before so it might be hard to surprise us :p DACUS on WiiChuck needs you to set the dpad to smashes, that way you can just slide from down to up which is what I do. You can also press z during dpad up or do dpad down > up on analog stick + A to charge. Takes a while to get used to, but I like it :)
    Wait, you use wiimote+nunchuck right? How do you FH shine OoS so well, my controls won't let me buffer it :(
    Gonna go to Revival and play friendlies today.

    If you want in, text me by 1030: 4045740320.

    Gas money is dependent on location, of course.
    Hey, sorry i gotta bail on our teams :( i got an offer from m2k that i cant decline. I might never get the chance again.
    I'll have to see. I most likely can, but since I'll be driving up to ATL then it'll be quite weird.
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