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Life After Death

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  • i kno bruh wuts it been half a yaer? i'll definitely make it to the next zp/steve's house tournament, **** work.
    If you get interviewed at Florida Gaming, you better say the whole **** of hardcore punishment **** you told me about last time lol how's it been?
    yeah cause i already told him that we would team for like a month now and told him that i wouldnt go back on him, but def next tourney
    idk man i practiced my tech skill, all i need now is some more smarts(aka you showing me ****) and im on my way
    Hey bro... Like I said before man, Gigs choose the same date as my tournament so they are the ones you should be pissed at... I did got lazy and never posted my thread till after but can ya blame me You know I would love for you to come but i cant really change this now... your too good you know that...

    Just saying Gigs is always there and my Tourneys are Random, who knows when i'll do another one... make your choice and you know we'll have a blast like last time.. even better since there will actually be far more players then last time lol it's just so good that it has reached 50+ when before we couldn't get 20 at least :( hopefully just this once u can leave melee for this if not it's cool cuz its melee were talking about lol you'll **** thhat for sure, too good... let me know if u change your mind

    ohh btw if u do come, just don't touch my brother Emo^Wolf again... We don't want him Blacking out again
    yooooo choppsss ! whatss goodd brooo! you should come downn mann hitt up that HOOOtERr with the bad wingsss lol take one of thosee gwaitress with themm TXTSSS HoMEEE you gott meeee dawGGG
    Yea I knew some Smashers would not come cuz of melee.. I dont think I'll be able to change the date since a few people got the day off from work but I'll let you know of my bext one and set a date that doesn't interfere with another tourney... Sucks cuz you and HrNut would of being able to come but hey at least this time it looks like a few people are gonna actually drive a little far to come like Monk with some friends, Gmoney, Samus ABE... i just hope this doesnt become a bad turn out like last time when Chu was around lol good times though hehehe
    Yo yo yo I was thinking why u haven't gone to my thread, and I noticed that Melee Gigs on the 14th :( or maybe u don't want to come cuz of Hooters awful Chicken Wings :urg: lol
    Yea man >.< i remember seeing the second match, I turned my head for a bit and next thing I know the match was over, so I was sure you forfeit the match... either way there where two more DDDs to worry about after Seibrik those matches where so boring >.<
    Yo yo yo whats up LambChops!!! I keep forgetting, but ****... I saw your match against Seibrik at gigs >.< **** I was cheering for you but ****, the match up is really gay T_T I'm glad your going back to Snake though ^.^ and you got 5th right??? good **** bro I'll see you guys at next Gigs, were confirm to go ^.^
    I plan to. I have no choice really. Ive been talkinbsince september....now I gotta walk. Thanjs man.
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