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  • i just talked to ksk and he cant leave tonight :(

    i think we are just gonna drive together...

    catfiz is still a go, right?
    i left my phone at josh's when we left...

    didnt realize it until i was half way home and said **** it lol

    josh is bringing it to state so i will get it back today/tomorrow

    thirsty thursday :)
    LOL 3rd at Pound in teams the way we play em means you have **** singles skill lol.

    You're gonna whup everyone there easy and then feel silly about doubting yourself haha.

    I want you on top of your game for HERB 3(singles too, so catfish will be in finals haha). =)
    Dude your singles game is fine. You just have to not doubt yourself. Seriously, you do awesome things then feel down on yourself for some reason and drop edgeguards and easy stuff you NAIL when you're not worried lol.

    You **** man.

    Who in the world would you lose to at state? You're gonna ****.
    Haha you sucked against Falco back then. =p You still were pretty beastly with that Fox haha.
    if you are still planning on going to state we should probably talk specifics...

    there is a brawl player (KSK) who wants to ride with me...

    could we meet at your place sat morning and ride with you to raleigh?

    would we be coming back sat? or crashing there and coming back sunday?
    me and my suitemate just mixed a fifth of hennessy and a fifth of hypnotic...

    it is called "the hulk" cause of the green color it turns...

    we are loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong gone
    last night was rough for me too lol

    i dont mind

    i cant believe i left my phone at josh's...

    pp and karn are teaming at state...it will be tough

    but we can do it...

    maybe i will go to wilson sometime this week and get my phone/smash, idk
    i was playing with KSK yesterday while blazed lol

    i dont think i lost

    who you teaming with for those tourneys?
    i dont know what i am doing this weekend...

    duke is appealing cause of ace and dorsey and all melee

    but the ncsu tourney the week after is looking to be much bigger...

    i might just go to both, idk

    smash sounds good tomorrow...show up at josh's around 7? i think wilson is 30 min away so i could say till around 10 or whenever everyone else leaves...

    are you going to duke/state?
    Dude I've been good, it's awesome to hear from you. You gotta let me know next time you come to Boone and we'll play some shokudo hoes melee. I think I saw vahn the other day walking down the road; his fro was so huge I had to swerve into the other lane to miss it.
    I dont see why not. Although I have no idea who is staying with us in the room already so will see.
    thats straight man...

    no worries

    take tare of yourself and get well soon

    let me know when you better, we got to play :)
    Haha yeah lots of people have been getting sick. I caught a tiny bit of something.

    I really wanted to play you too. =( Hope you get well soon man.
    Ohhh man! I'm sorry you feel bad dude.

    Don't worry about crews. We'll reschedule or do draft or something.

    Thanks for letting me know, and I hope you get well soon.
    i will be able to ride with you if that is alright...

    what time should i plan to arrive in rocky mt on fri?
    Yeah man, we ****.

    Alright look, I'm gonna play a lot of Falcon against you(to teach you) at Duke so you can learn. This time, I'm going to tell you things to look for and ****. There is no reason my Falcon should be beating you man.

    Also, I'm going to tell you the little other stuff I know about Fox that I just.....didn't tell you at Rocky Mount. Find me at a TV so I can help you with stuff.
    Nah dude. I teamed with Tag at rom2 and got like 9th so I needed you to **** with me.

    Besides, if I help you step it up anyway then we can be in finals regardless. =)
    I think VG Bootcamp did? I dunno.

    I'll let you know when they go up though. I'm excited to see them too haha.
    i could meet you at your place no problem...

    it would save me a good amount of time driving...

    i am not 100% sure if i can go yet, but i will be in touch
    thanks for letting me leave my car at your place...

    good stuff in teams...you vs ss was the most hyped moment in the tourney...
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