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Krackshot Kroc
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  • this might be the best way to contact me now lol...

    i have a big test tomorrow so i doubt i can do anything today...

    mario kart/smash sounds great later in the week though...

    a smash club sounds awesome...i was jk
    i played with darksyde for about 3hrs today...

    thanks for letting me know he was around town...

    you were right about his skill level...he is pretty good...
    miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnessssssssssssssssssssss is the **** *****!!!!!!!!!
    Definately an awesome CP if nothing else. Fun combos too.

    The WD thing just comes with practice bro. As soon as you can do that in battle and focus on your opponent, the game becomes much easier and more enjoyable.

    I'm guessing you can't punish because of your lack of tech skill or too much focus on your own tech or his shield pressure is too good then? All comes back to practice I guess lol.


    I see. He should be verrrry interesting to talk to in person then.
    I encourage you to pick up Fox, his tech skill is definately worthe the time you put into him.

    As for Sheik and Marth, continue to get consistent SHFFL Fairs, and work on your platform control. Practice SH and DJ wavelanding to trickies and stuff. Pro stuff there, honestly.

    Does Lucas actually combo well? I've never been entirely sure on that.

    I can see him being flashy lol.

    For actual competitive Puzzle League, it's just 2D right? 3D, especially between good people, take at least half an hour. 2D is more fun for me imo.

    I would think so, but does he care about stuff? I mean, is he apathetic or just calm? Funny?
    Which character do you use? That'll help me with what I wanna say next there.

    Lol @ Lucas getting shield grab *****.

    Wow, that'll suck for me lol. I'll practice some anyway cuz Puzzle league is fun as all and I like being good at stuff lol.

    Or they'll say I'm gay.

    What's Shady like as a person?
    Do you miss L-cancels frequently or get shield grabbed fairly often?

    Lol I haven't played in a few months, I may have to practice up. GCN controller? How does that work? Maybe it won't matter if I practice or not lol.

    Not today, maybe tomorrow.

    Still racking my brain to remember what you look like lol.

    Leaving for Youth and Government Club now, will be back around 7:45-8:00.
    And yet you're extremely technical? That's pretty cool.

    You watch videos for both games?

    I used to be soo beast at that game. I would always play it too much when I got older though and see the chain of blocks in my head lol. Nearly went crazy eevry time so I had to quit...

    I'm assuming you're talkin about Brawl, so yeah, if I can drag Twitch off of Melee. You wanna do that in between Melee and Brawl?
    Some people just enjoy Melee more Shady, but I'd love to hear your personal opinion on it over PMs or something.

    Now then,

    Good. Do you practice every day or every other day or what?

    I bet PLUR's amazing at Puzzle League.
    I would make my rebuttal, but it seems like you already convinced him to continue Melee. I won't beat a dead horse, but I'd still advise against it.

    Ah well. It's not that big of a deal.
    Meleeeee!!! Too goodz lol.

    Do you have your own copy to practice with bro (Melee)?

    Lol more Puzzle League than Brawl? So, who was too good at that?
    PLUR is amazing to smash with. So funny.

    Learn from Lucas. I'm assuming he knows stuff now.

    I take it there was no Brawl then huh? =p
    @Shady: If he really likes Melee, then I believe he can make time (even with friends and school obligations coming first).

    I honestly recommend he learn more Melee before Brawl, since it helps you process at a faster speed and helps in learning to read the opponent. I'm not saying he should drop Brawl, but it should get equal priority for at least the initial learning stage.

    I'd like to think I'm fairly realistic, with a hint of optimism sprinkled on the side, thank you very much lol.

    Now then,

    That's the only way I critique KSK. I dislike being a jerk about things anyway lol. When we play IRL I should be able to point out more things to help you.

    Yeah man, please stick with Melee, if only to help your Brawl game (tech skill notwithstanding). Melee is too goodz.
    Dropping Melee would probably be for the better. Not everyone can be quite good at both games at the same time like you and LoZR, PP.

    He's going to have to seriously step his game if he wants to get anywhere in Melee, and he still has to practice in Brawl.

    In the event that he can handle doing well in both games, he's going to have to invest a lot of time into practice, and he is usually pretty busy with friends (most of which can't provide him the help he needs).

    Not to be a downer, but I think you guys might be looking at this too optimistically.
    I never said he was better, and it's due to the fact that I can't tell much on wifi when my character is so so restricted.

    Dropping Melee? Come on now, just practice your Melee tech skill when you can't play someone in BrawL, then learn smarts from them when you play them in either game ok?

    Look, I'll help you in both games ok? I don't want you getting discouraged now.
    Ok, then I would also like to suggest not approaching with GaW's Fair. It lags if you SHFF it, or even SH it I think.

    I think you charged smashes as I fell too. That's not good when I can see it a mile away and counter or just DI away. If you wanna try a DI chase smash, then do it right before I hit the ground aight?

    You did SD lots, that DDD match was hilarious though.

    You aren't bad though, just try to figure out why you get hit when you do, and try to correct it in a similar situation. That's how you become good, trial and error really.
    Thanks man. Those matches were kinda tough bro lol. Marth is toooo tough to play online lol.

    If I may make a suggestion, you make use of lots of rolls and spotdodges. The characters you play have great ones, but you overuse them a tad. It may not work as well offline.

    It was fun, and a definately learned a little.

    Oh about the DH thing, I laughed my head off when I saw that.
    Cool bro. Make sure I holler back at ya before you get on wifi aight? I dunno what the heck I'll be doing after school, so be ready for anything lol.
    It should be man.

    5:00 will be the absolute earliest time to play I think, but I'd love it if it was then lol.

    If not, then as long as you don't wait until 9:00, I'll be cool with that too.
    It's cool, but I was just surprised is all lol.

    Shady just came on and basically said "I'm ready, here's my FC" lol.

    What's a good day for you? Tomorrow?
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