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  • I could've sworn you've had that avi for over a year now.
    I've been meaning to change it for a while but have not had home internet and haven't been on Smashboards much when I get online.
    Out of curiosity, what IOS are you loading CFG from? If that's the method you use for DM as opposed to the booter.
    anywhere near forest city, ia?
    Never heard of it. I'm in northeastern Iowa, so lemme check where that is.
    It's about 2 hours away from me, so it's actually pretty reasonable.
    hey you, i think you're neat. also, fun to see a charizard main aside from my training partner. nice deviant-art :3
    take it easy.
    I like to think not. Even though, considering he didn't know how the ratio system works, I don't know how much of a skullgirls fan he really is. Even moreso if he thought 50% combos were a huge rarity.
    Yeah, sorry that's a bit far. Real life prevents me from going to Smash tournaments as frequently as before and I'm already going to SCSYN5 the week after that, so I'd rather not go to BNCLJ to avoid having consecutive weekends of Smash. Too bad I can't go though, I would've been willing to pick you up on the way =/.
    Haha I considered it actually. I might do so, but I still want to polish up a new character of mine before revealing it. It's so dope, you'll thoroughly enjoy it when you see it.

    Btw Charizard got no love in 2.5 from what little I played with him. Are there any major changes I should know about that make him better?
    Hey Kink, how do you get the hitbox pictures from Brawlbox? Feel like making a sort of frame data thread for Ivysaur.
    Don't make dingding sad! Keep comin to PM thread

    and go to bed Leelue
    my expectations are always low
    and i don't follow touhou enough to expect any favorite characters or whatever
    aaah i remember seeing this earlier
    i want i want
    i could never get past 5c patchiuli spam in the others
    hopefully i won't be so had in this one
    And did you get P:M fixed? If not get on skype or something and I'll try to help you
    Oh dear! That's unfortunate. Let me know if you can somehow convince her or get a ride to the bus station with a friend.
    I noticed your post in CM, and if you're looking for good fae stories, the Dresden Files series does big stuff with them at times (in the 4th book I think it has massive stuff with them, but they're short reads so you'll get to it fast).

    There are also vampires (for them, early as the 1st), but they have an original spin on them. I actually liked the vampire parts a lot.

    Also the 1st and 2nd books are really eh, but the author hits his stride in the 3rd.
    That should be fine, and I've already got a ride lined up to pick you up. You might have to wait at the bus station for an hr or two for your return trip since we'd drop you off a bit early if that's fine. You can stay until the 20th (or 21st at 1 AM or whatever)
    Yeah, what I meant to say was that combining the traits into "Mobility/offense/defense" shoehorned it a bit when putting it to 6 or 12 would've got the point across better while showing how Agility and Avoidance/etc are different yet still similar *shrug*
    You know, I think what I put out got lost in translation a bit in how I presented it. Defining it at the 6 or 12 aspects would probably be a tad more complex but cleaner / more comprehensive.
    If you're willing to make the trek within the next couple weeks (prolly before ~the 20th), I'd be down to pick you up and house you, and play. I'm doing family stuff for Christmas and I'm out of town for all of January.
    Ew Kid Icarus, nty

    Well that's better than nothin. Sounds like where you live, it's a miracle to have a movie theatre lol

    For some reason I thought you had just turned 19 this summer. Dunno why.
    Or are you just collecting little snapshots with a program yourself for this?
    You sure do have a lot of numbers and stuff. How much frame data/hitbox data is there so far for the general cast? I was really interested in a few but I literally saw about nothing besides Ike's incomplete thread.
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